Golden Rules

Bradfield Dungworth Primary School Governing Board recognises that every child is unique and brings with them a wide range of skills and abilities. The whole school community works together to create a safe and happy environment in which its members are able to develop a moral code which encourages all to make a positive contribution to society. We aim to provide challenging experiences so that all can achieve their full potential.

Our School Rules are:

We are gentle, we don’t hurt others.

We are kind and helpful, we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

We are honest, we don’t cover up the truth.

We work hard, we don’t waste time.

We listen, we don’t interrupt.

We look after property, we don’t damage things.


They are there to help our school values extend into every area of school life. They allow children to reflect on their behaviour and their responsibilities as members of the school community and wider society.

There is an expectation that all children will adhere to these rules at all times. As a reward for their outstanding behaviour children receive Golden Time at the end of each week, where they enjoy a variety of fun activities. Should a child not keep the Golden Rules they will be given a warning and if any other rule is broken within this day that child will lose five minutes Golden Time. If a child continues not to follow the Golden Rules it could result in the loss of all Golden Time that week.

We hope that by knowing this system is employed consistently in school, you can support your child at home in celebrating their success in keeping the Golden Rules.

Behaviour Policy 2022

Behaviour Policy Addendum Covid 19

Antibullying Policy 2022