Welcome to Fawn blog!

Fawn Class is a mixed Reception (Foundation stage 2)/ Year 1 Class with 30 pupils. The class is taught by Miss Cooper. Miss Goss and Miss Mark work alongside Miss Cooper throughout the week.

Woven Lanterns

We practised our scissor skills and fine motor skills making woven lanterns.  We chose red because it is good luck.


Lunar New Year 

This week we have been learning all about the Lunar New Year.  This year is the year of the dragon.


Year 6 Buddies

Our year 6 buddies came to visit us in class this afternoon. We enjoyed sharing our reading books and playing in our classroom with them.


Colour Washing

In Art we have been using water based paint to create our own cold colour wash pictures.



We have been learning how to take photos on using a tablet.



We have been learning all about Winter. We went out in the playground to explore and find signs of winter. 


Circus Skills

Today we had 'Green Top Circus' come in to teach us some circus skills. It was lots of fun!


Acting out the story

We have been reading the story 'Whatever next' by Jill Murphy. Today we used masks and props to act out the story. 


Whatever Next

Over the next few weeks we are goin to be exploring the book 'Whatever Next' written by Jill Murphy.


Y6 Buddies 

We enjoyed catching up with our year 6 buddies.  We talked about what we had been up to over the holidays.  We also shared our reading books with them. 


The theatre 

After doing our own nativity to parents and carers we had a trip to the Crucible to watch a performance.  We watched a town called Christmas. 


Christmas jumper day

We all wore our Christmas jumpers for Christmas jumper day. 

Sewing Owls 

Today we made our own felt owls. We all got a chance to learn how to do running stitch. We stuffed our felt owns with wadding.  It was lots of fun!


Acting out the story

We used masks and props to act out the 'Owl Babies' story. 


Owl Babies 

Over the next few weeks we are going to be reading the book 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. 



Decorating biscuits 

Today we enjoyed decorating biscuits with a Remembrance poppy. We used red icing and chocolate buttons to make our poppy. 


Poppy Wreaths 

We all made our own poppy wreath to remember the soldiers and animals that we lost in the wars. 


Split pin poppies 

We all made our own split pin poppies for Remembrance day.


Remembrance Day

This week we are learning about the imporance of Remembrance day.


Firework pictures

We all had a go at making our own firework pictures.  We used cardboard tubes to print firework shapes on black paper. 



We used different pieces of junk box modelling to make our own rockets.  We then decorated them with sequins and glitter.


Bonfire night edible sparklers

We enjoyed making edible sparklers with breadsticks, icing and sprinkles.  When they were finished we tasted them... they were yummy!


Rangoli Patterns

This week we have been learning all about the celebration of Diwali.  We created our own rangoli patterns from tissue paper. 



We all have enjoyed looking at all of the carved pumpkins that have come into school for the PFA pumpkin carving competition. 


Clay Diyas

We have been learning all about the celebration of Diwali.  We have learnt all about the celebration, the Rama and Sita story.  Today we made Diyas out of clay.  We learnt that Diyas are used to celebrate the festival of light as it represents light over dark and good over evil. 



We have enjoyed exploring the text 'Pumpkin soup' by Helen Cooper.   We then enjoyed looking at what we can do with a pumpkin.  We made pumpkin soup, looked at what was inside a pumpkin, looked at the life cycle of a pumpkin and saved the seeds to plant later in the year.  We even got a chance to hammer golf tees into pumpkins.



Reception have really enjoyed learning all about plants and how they grow.  The children discussed which plants they might like to plant in the reception planters.   They then all had a go at planting the flowers and bulbs we agreed on.


Leaf Printing

In Art the year ones have been learning all about William Morris.   We collected different leaves and experimented printing with them.


Identifying local plants and trees


The year ones enjoyed going on an adventure down to the local park to explore what different trees and plants grow in our locality.


Bradfield Dungworth Buddies 

Today our Reception pupils met their Dungworth buddy.  Dungworth Buddies teams up a new reception pupil with one of our year 6 pupils. This allows them to find a friendly face at playtimes, lunchtimes, share achievements and activities such as reading.  

Have a go at these games. Click on the title or picture to take you to a different website...

Starfall Learn to Read Books 

Click on the book and read the stories.

Hanging Monkeys

See if you can read the word then listen to it. Can you match it to a picture?

Teddy Numbers 

Can you count to 5? What about 10? Now try 15?