At Bradfield Dungworth Primary School, we intend for learners to have high quality lessons, which inspire them to want to know more about the past and to think and act as Historians. We aspire to create a curriculum which is progressive, focusing on the following History key intentions:

History Key Intentions

¨ As a small, rural school we reflect on our History focus each year and change it according to the classes that we have. Often we do not have one year group in class and it is common for learners to move from a straight year class to a split year class. Our History coverage is considered carefully each year to ensure breadth and depth for learners. As a general rule of thumb, particular times in History are reserved for year groups:


Change, Then and now, Bonfire Night, Christmas Traditions,

Chinese New Year, Easter, Environmental changes, Birthdays,

People Around Us


Milestone 1

Inventions, Significant Individuals, Sheffield City of Steel,

The First Moon Landing, The Great Fire of London,

Change Makers—Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela


Milestone 2

Egyptians, Stone Age


Milestone 2 and 3

Sheffield Flood, Benin, Anglo Saxons, Vikings


Milestone 3

Industrial Revolution, Islamic Civilisation, Romans, 2nd World War


¨ Units of study are mapped out to allow for a clear sense of progression—an annual overview is completed so that we can see what and when History is being taught in our school at a glance.

¨ All History lessons are planned with the History key concepts and intentions in mind and medium term planning references these.

¨ Lessons are sequenced with spaced learning opportunities at the start of every lesson to embed knowledge and understanding.

¨ Historical concepts are used to plan and referenced on planning, learners meet these concepts again and again as they travel through hour school—this deepens their knowledge and understanding and makes links with previous learning.

Key Concepts

Investigate and interpret the past

Build an overview of world history

Understanding chronology



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