Computing at Bradfield Dungworth 


At Bradfield Dungworth, we recognise that technology plays a huge part in modern life and will only become more integral as children grow up.  We appreciate that our children’s access to technology outside of school varies widely and we therefor aim to equip every child to confidently use all forms of technology as well as developing a solid understanding of how computers work. Furthermore, we aim to develop children’s perception of technology as a tool for learning, innovation and discovery.


Our curriculum aims to embed technology throughout all subjects and allow every pupils a hands on experience of a variety of different hardware and software. Ultimately, children should leave Bradfield Dungworth as confident, able and responsible digital citizens.

Technology at Bradfield Dungworth 

Our school has access to a class set of laptops and 2 class sets of android tablets.  These are used not only for our computing lessons but also to benefit and enhance all subjects across our broad and varied curriculum. This technology ensures that all of our children are able to participate in interactive lessons within their own classroom environment.


The Primary National Curriculum for Computing can be split into 3 strands.


Digital Literacy: Pupils learn to use technology to express themselves and develop their ideas.

Information Technology: Pupils learn to use technology to create programmes, systems and a range of content.

Computer science: Pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming.

At Bradfield Dungworth, our concepts/ intentions are broken down into 6 key strands.

 At Bradfield Dungworth we use the ‘Sheffield Primary Computing Scheme’.  This scheme is broken down into:


  • Digitial Literacy, online safety (Digital Citizenship) and ICT
  • Computational thinking.


These are then broken down into six strands (0-5). Please see the table below for the strands that are taught in each year group.


At Bradfield Dungworth, we believe that it is very important that children are taught to be good Digital Citizens. Therefore, every half term at least one Digital Citizenship lesson is taught. Digital Citizenship lessons encompass online safety, online bullying, online privacy and identity, health technology usage, use of passwords, copyright and managing information online.