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Reception Learning Journal

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joe fairfax(less than a year ago)

hi i used to go to your school can you tell the teachers that said hi and i miss them espacially mr beagle

luucaaaaSSSSS(a couple of years ago)

gweat school!

Lewis.S(a couple of years ago)

Just looking for information for the newspaper. This information has to come from somewhere eh?

Lewis Snowdon(a couple of years ago)

Just grabbing information for the last newspaper we'll be doing this year. We're doing a six page special for the year sixes leaving. the information needed was just events happening throughout July and other things that will give me Arthur and Joseph something to work with. Thank you

Jenni Fedder(a couple of years ago)

The Jade Class blog is great - especially the week review by the children... I can keep up to date now...!!

Gordon Ibbotson(a couple of years ago)

Attended 1947-1954. Much smaller school then - our was a baby boom year with about 7 in the year. One room for all infants with Mrs Wood, one for all juniors with Mrs Anderson. Happy days.

George.L(a few years ago)

I love the blog

Ali Heath Cook(a few years ago)

Enthusiasm, Excitement, Pride. Just 3 words that spring to mind when the children show their work displayed on the walls in school.