School Council

What is a School Council?

A school council is a group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all children to improve their school. Each year voting takes place for the children who have been campaigning to be elected to the School Council.

 What do we do?

  • A school council meets to discuss and sort out problems and ideas.  These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.
  • Members of the school council are responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning charity events and putting forward views of other children in the school!

What makes a good school Councillor?

Being a school councillor is a very responsible position as you have to have a lot of sensible ideas and sometimes have to do things in your lunch times. However, it is your chance to play an important part in our Bradfield Dungworth community. You may feel a little nervous about putting yourself up for election but it is exciting to see what happens when people share their ideas so be brave!

School Council Successes

  • School Council wanted a hoodie as part of the school uniform. This was introduced in October 2015
  • School Council thought that people losing Goldentime spent too much time chatting. School introduced a reflection sheet for pupils to complete.
  • School Council asked for a school pet. Mrs Smart brought her guide dog puppy into assembly
  • Richard wanted to have a wildlife area. Miss Hobson and the gardening club made one.
  • School councilors met with the local mayor of Bradfield Parish Council in 2016-17
  • School councilors met with the other school councils from Oughtibridge, Loxley, Wharncliffeside and Stannington to discuss transition to 'big' Bradfield Secondary School
  • School councilors led an assembly on litter to encourage children to keep the local area attractive