School eSafety Rules

1.    We use the internet when we have permission.

2.    We tell an adult if we see anything we are uncomfortable with.

3.    We only message people an adult has approved.

4.    We do not open messages sent by anyone we don’t know.

5.    We send messages that are polite and friendly.

6.    We NEVER give out personal information or passwords.

7.    We NEVER arrange to meet anyone we don’t know.

 8.   We do not access other people’s files without their permission.


Using the internet can be fun and also help with your learning.

However, it is vital that you stay safe when using the internet and new technology.

There is a lot of useful advice for children and parents / carers at the following site:

If you ever come across anything on the internet that you are not happy with the you can get advice and report it by clicking here:

You will also find this on  a lot of other sites across the internet.