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Fawn Class is a mixed Reception (Foundation stage 2)/ Year 1 Class with 30 pupils. The class is taught by Miss Cooper. Miss Goss works alongside Miss Cooper throughout the week.

Home Readers and Learning Folder

This week, everyone will have a Home School Learning log and a Home Reader.  Please bring these to school daily.  We will endeavour to read and do phonics with your child every day. Please record daily reading in the home/school log.  Your child can earn certificates and prizes for reading at home.

The Learning Folder will be updated when we learn a new sound and what it looks like. It will also include a small letter card (add this to your word tin). Please keep this folder in your book bag every day.  Practise sounding out these letters using 'pure sounds'.  A reminder can be found here: how to say the sounds .  Your child should be able to see the letter and instantly know what sound it makes. 

We hold a pencil in a tripod grip and sit at a table.  Every letter starts on the line where we "smile in" to the letter before we "smile out" at the end.  If your child is finding this hard (which is completely normal at this stage), practise on a larger scale; you could write in mud with a stick, using paint, shaving foam, in rice or sand. Bath crayons are great, as is chalk outside.   Practise using an 'air' pencil (using your finger to draw it in the air) or use water and a paintbrush to draw them on the floor or wall.  Children will master their handwriting when their muscles have developed  on a larger scale before it will transfer to the small, fine motor skills required for handwriting.   Practising a 'swishing' movement (e.g. with a magic wand, stick or ribbon stick) will support muscle development for mastering the 'lead in' to each letter we write. However, do not feel that they must be completed daily!

Please do not keep water bottles in book bags.  There is a charge for lost or damaged books.


Have a go at these games. Click on the title or picture to take you to a different website...

Starfall Learn to Read Books starfall learn to read

Click on the book and read the stories.

Hanging Monkeyshanging monkeys

See if you can read the word then listen to it. Can you match it to a picture?

Teddy Numbers teddy nubers

Can you count to 5? What about 10? Now try 15?