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Key Questions

Here are the key questions that we will be exploring and answering in our topic "Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?"

Our topic is based on Local Geography. We will begin our topic with a walk around the local area and we will be finding out all about Dungworth. 

The Naughty Bus

We are studying the book called 'The Naughty Bus' by Jan and Jerry Oke. We will be using this to learn about our Geography topic this term, which is all about UK geography. Here is our knowledge mat for local geography. This is full of the knowledge and vocabulary that we will be learning over the Spring 1 half term. It would be great if you would go over this with us at home too. 

Year 1 and 2 local walk. 

The focus for our learning in week 2 is signs We went on a local walk to see what road signs were around Dungworth. We will use this in our writing later in the week. 

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

In Y1, we have been sorting books into fiction and non-fiction and also talking about what what makes books non - fiction. Did you know that non-fiction books are full of facts? And that they usually have a contents and index page? They also have real photos a lot of the time and captions to explain what is going on in the pictures. 

Schools through time 

On Friday we had some special visitors come into Rainbow and Willow class.  Mr and Mrs Martin showed the class photos of when they were at school and talked all about the things they learnt and got up to at school. We got a chance to ask questions and even play some of the games they played when they were at school.

Why are I-Pads more fun than our grandparent's old toys?

We have been interviewing grandparents and some of our classroom helpers to find out what toys they played with when they were children. We also found out about what school was like when they went to it. Here are some of the things that we found out:

  1. They had no I-Pads and no Interactive Whiteboard.
  2. They did not have a lot of money so made some of their own toys and also played outside a lot. 
  3. In school, they had a nit nurse visit to look for head lice.
  4. In school, they played marbles, skipping and hopscotch at play times.
  5. In school, they had wooden tables and used a pen and nib to write with. They also had an ink well on their table. 
  6. In school, they also got milk, but it was in a glass bottle! 

We have loved finding out all this information and we really enjoyed it when Mr Gilbert shared some of his actual toys with us. 

Here is the homework sheet for Willow class for Spring 1 2020. 

Here is the spelling homework for group 1 and 2. Our spelling competition will be Friday 18th October 2019.

Here is the Curriculum overview for Willow class 2019-2020. This will help you understand what we will be learning over the course of the year. 

 Overview 2019-20 of curriculum Willow.docxDownload
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Here is the overview of our Autumn I Homework. Our topic is all about toys of the past and now. We will also be learning about what schools used to be like when our grandparents were young and what games they played. 

When your child reads at home it is important to ask questions as you go along. This develops their comprehension skills. Here are some question ideas which we shared at our parent welcome meeting.

Here is our class weekly timetable so you know what we are learning.