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Why are iPads more fun than my grandparents' old toys?


This half term we are exploring how life has changed within living memory. We are particularly looking at what our grandparents lives were like when they were younger. 

Children will be learning... 

  • what life was like when their grandparents were young
  • what toys and games their grandparents would have played with
  • what primary schools were like
  • what was shown on the television 
  • what children did after school 

We will be using the book Dogger by Shirley Hughes to help us explore these themes in school. It would be lovely if parents would like to read Dogger at home too. 

Exploring Old Toys 

In our history lessons we have been exploring different types of toys. We have been looking carefully at older toys that our Grandparents may have played with when they were younger. We have talked about the different materials they were made out of and if they would need an electrical power source. We really enjoyed playing with the old toys! 

Here are some photos of our writing about old toys and us playing with some of them...

Playground Games 

We have been learning about old playground games. We watched lots of videos about hopscotch and skipping games then we went outside to have a go for ourselves. We learnt the rules and decided to write some instructions so other people could learn how to play. Have a look at some of the photographs of us playing different games.