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What did you learn whilst at Wilberforce House Museum?

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Dora Jones(less than a month ago)

I really enjoyed the trip to the house of William Wilberforce, first we looked at some old artefacts. Then we had lunch, before making African masks. I had a great time and would happily go again!

Alice Rosa Ferguson(less than a month ago)

I learnt that women killed their children as a rebellion and William Wilberforce was the founder of the RSPCA.

Richard(about a month ago)

I leaned that William Wilberforce was a religious person

Richard(about a month ago)

It was really fun and educational and I enjoyed it

Moon buggy: Moon surface test

Moon buggy: Ramp test

Moon buggy: Straight line test

Moon buggy: Building

Christmas Music Concert

Moon phases

Continuing with our space topic, we planned and carried out an experiment to investigate the phases of the Moon.  All we needed was a torch, a polystyrene Moon and a very dark classroom.   We worked scientifically in our groups and made sure we checked our results by repeating the experiment.  Finally, we made a Moon phase dial to record our findings.

Bradfield Indoor Athletics

Cosmic Book Study Role Play - Tempting Liam

Anglo Saxon Settlement

To finish off our topic of Anglo Saxons, we have built our own settlement. Each group in class had a specific Anglo Saxon home to build for a specific job. In our village lives: a carpenter, a jeweller, a potter, a weaver, two farmers and a warrior. The other building you will find in our settlement (right at its heart) is the great hall.

End of PGL

What a fantastic time we had at PGL this year! Ivy class represented Bradfield Dungworth extremely well with their positivity, enthusiasm, teamwork, behaviour and manners. They were a pleasure to take for the week. The weather wasn't the best but we rarely heard anyone complain and everyone got stuck in with activities and got into the spirit of residential. Well done Ivy class!

Mr Beagle


Would you recommend PGL to others and why?

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Francis(a couple of months ago)

My favourite meal was beef bugers and chips!!!!!

Richard(a couple of months ago)

I enjoyed tunnel trail and trapeze at PGL. I enjoyed tunnel trail because it was fun and there were a lot of tunnels and i like tunnels . I enjoyed trapeze because people helped me to the top.

Molly Axon(a couple of months ago)

My favourite activity was giant swing because when you got to the top you had to pull a string on your own to swing back and forth. My favourite night a was splash because our water balloon survived when it got dropped down the abbsailing tower. The food was really nice. Also our instructor Elliot was the best instructor in the world.

Seamus(a couple of months ago)

PGL was fun , exiting and stressful

Jackie(a couple of months ago)

I enjoyed PGL because of the exhilarating activities. my favourite activity was tunnel trail. Tunnel trail is a big tunnel system under man-made ground and you basically do what you want.

Jack(a couple of months ago)

I enjoyed PGL because of the food,which was delicious,and doing things that i had never done before.

Arda C(a couple of months ago)

PGL was amazing and all the activities and my favourite activity was trapeze.

Dan(a couple of months ago)

i really liked PGL because i like a hot breakfast every morning and I also liked the giant swing because Mert was screaming. m

Jessica p(a couple of months ago)

I loved PGL because we had an great group leader and the activities were amazing and really fun to do

Seamus(a couple of months ago)

PGL was fun

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Friday PGL group 1: fencing and challenge course

Friday PGL group 2: aeroball and fencing


Thursday PGL group 2: Rifle shooting, high ropes, tunnel trail and trapeze

Thursday PGL group 1: High ropes, rifle shooting, trapeze and tunnel trail

Wednesday PGL group 1: Problem solving, giant swing, all aboard and sensory trail

Wednesday PGL group 2: Giant swing, problem solving, challenge course and all aboard

Tuesday night at PGL - Robot wars

Tuesday PGL group 2: archery, zip line, sensory trail and buggy building

Tuesday PGL group 1: Zip line, archery, buggy building and aeroball

Monday PGL: settling in and ambush

Our book study text for Autumn 2 2019
Our book study text for Autumn 2 2019
This week we are writing the final part of our Beowulf story ; where Beowulf confronts the monster. We have used descriptosaurus to help us create some ideas for describing character appearance and personality.
This week we are writing the final part of our Beowulf story ; where Beowulf confronts the monster. We have used descriptosaurus to help us create some ideas for describing character appearance and personality.

Rapid Recall mats

 We recently invested in rapid recall mats from Year 1 to Year 6. They enable us to practice key skills on a regular basis and are perfect for spaced learning. 

Anglo-Saxon board games

 We recently learnt all about law and order in Anglo-Saxon times and compared it with modern day British law and order. We learnt about punishments including 'trial of ordeal' and 'wergild' which compensated victims and their families. We applied what we had learnt to create a law and order themed Anglo-Saxon board game. Some pictures of the games can be found below and the games can be found on display in our classroom.


While learning how to round numbers, we stumbled across a video with an interesting approach to how to round. It involved imagining a number line as a hill and it really helped with some of the children's understanding. Find a link to the video below as well as pictures of the children's whiteboards.


Kensuke's Kingdom Island Projects

 For book study this half term, we have reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Whilst the Year 6 children took their SATS, the Year 5 pupils took on a range of tasks based around the book. These tasks included creating their own version of the Peggy Sue and creating their own version of the island that Michael is stranded on. We researched islands in the Coral Sea and illustrations from the text to help us imagine how it might look. 

Willow Weaving

 Willow weaving was very fun. We practiced with willow balls to eventually build up and make something as precise as this; it was amazing! Firstly, we had to collect sticks for weaving. Then we began weaving the balls using an over and under technique taught to us by Caroline. Eventually we weaved the balls into the shape of a soldier. 

By Year 5 (Jackie, Jess P, Jess G, Alex and Alexa) 


During this year, different classes throughout school (including Ivy class) have had the opportunity to be taught by Martin - a badminton expert. The kids have learnt a lot and have really enjoyed the sport so we have invested in some new, easy-to-assemble badminton nets. Here are some pictures of the nets in use. 

One amazing and delicious bit of homework!
One amazing and delicious bit of homework!

Maths Challenge Homework

It has been fantastic to see so many of you having a go at your maths homework challenges over last few weeks.

Y6 recently had a very difficult problem (which even some parents struggled with), but was made easier through use of bar modelling. Below is the question we found hard  - question 4 - and a helpful video filmed involving William and Willow.  

Home/School learning books

 Just a reminder that children should be reading and recording it in their learning book at least five times a week. Year 6 children are trusted to fill these in themselves but we do ask that parents check and sign them at least once a week. 

A big shout out to Charlie who has recorded reading in his book every day since the start of school in September! Well done Charlie!

Expected standard in writing exemplification

Greater depth writer exemplification

Here is a list of different question types you can ask your child when reading to further develop comprehension skills

We are having a huge push on all children in school knowing their Times Tables. To help at home, click on the link below to access a variety of games to help you.

Please find below suggested Reading Lists

 Year-6-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
 Year-7-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
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The final set of Common exception words. Have a go at practising them!

Our 4th Spelling wiz - give it a go!

Here is the Third Spelling Wiz for you to use for practice

The second Spelling Wiz of Year 5 and 6 words. Have a go at practising at home.

Practice your spellings at home using this Spelling Wiz. These are the first 21 words from the Year 5 and 6 common exception words.