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What did you learn at Crucial Crew?

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Sheffield City Athletics

Thank you to all the children and parents of children who took part in the Sheffield City Athletics at Woodburn Road on Thursday 23rd May. The children did a fantastic job of representing the school and were cheered on by fantastic supportive parents too. We even managed to have some children qualify for the final in certain events; Daniel in the Y5 600m, Fran in the Y5 long jump, Jack in the Y5 walk, McKenzie in the Y6 throw and Harry in the Y6 800m. Good luck to those finalists competing on Thursday 20th June 2019.

Image result for sheffield city athletics woodburn road

Year Sheffield Football Trophy UCL 2019

 On Wednesday 22nd May, seven of our Year 6 boys took part in a tournament involving schools from all over the city. The tournament consisted of a Champions League style tournament with each school representing a team from this seasons tournament. Bradfield Dungworth represented Roma.

Jacob and McKenzie said, "It was well organised. It was fun but also we needed to try hard when playing the matches. We enjoyed it so much we would like to go again."

Kensuke's Kingdom Island Projects

 For book study this half term, we have reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Whilst the Year 6 children took their SATS, the Year 5 pupils took on a range of tasks based around the book. These tasks included creating their own version of the Peggy Sue and creating their own version of the island that Michael is stranded on. We researched islands in the Coral Sea and illustrations from the text to help us imagine how it might look. 

SATS party

Well done Y6 on finishing SATS week! You all worked incredibly hard and we are all so proud of you for your determination and hard work. I don't think there would have been many school around the country with as many smiling faces during SATS week.

Willow Weaving

 Willow weaving was very fun. We practiced with willow balls to eventually build up and make something as precise as this; it was amazing! Firstly, we had to collect sticks for weaving. Then we began weaving the balls using an over and under technique taught to us by Caroline. Eventually we weaved the balls into the shape of a soldier. 

By Year 5 (Jackie, Jess P, Jess G, Alex and Alexa) 


During this year, different classes throughout school (including Ivy class) have had the opportunity to be taught by Martin - a badminton expert. The kids have learnt a lot and have really enjoyed the sport so we have invested in some new, easy-to-assemble badminton nets. Here are some pictures of the nets in use. 


What was your favourite part of the Romeo and Juliet play performed for us by the Manchester Actors Company?

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Jess G(less than a year ago)

My favourite part of Romeo and Juliet was when Juliet drank the potion because I think it was brave of her to take a risk like that.

Harry Hague(less than a year ago)

the part when they kissed

oscar(less than a year ago)

when the nurse hit Romeo with her fan

Alexa Burley(less than a year ago)

My favourite part of the play, was when Nurse came on for the first time, because he was really funny and his accent was very effective. I also loved the ending even though Romeo and Juliet both killed themselves.

RICHARD(less than a year ago)




Spring 2 book study text
Spring 2 book study text
One amazing and delicious bit of homework!
One amazing and delicious bit of homework!
Spring 1 book study text
Spring 1 book study text

Bradfield basketball tournament

On Monday 10th December, members of our class took part in a basketball tournament held at Bradfield. The torunament was made up of 6 teams from Bradfield Dungworth, Wharncliffe Side and Loxley. Our A team consisting of Y6 came 4th, and our B team consisting of a mixture of Y6, Y5 and three girls from Loxley came 5th. Our pupils represented the school beautifully with lots of determination, skill and sportsmanship. Well done to everybody who took part and thank you to parents for taking and collecting the pupils. 

Baron Stelgratz

We have extended our book study this week to include our literacy time so that we could write a persuasive letter. In our book study novel 'Clockwork', a prince has to find a heart for his son in order to keep him alive. He turns to his most loyal and trusted advisor, Baron Stelgratz, for help. We wrote in character as Prince Otto trying to convince the Baron to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the dynasty. Below are a few photos of the class reading their letters (as Prince Otto) to the Baron to see if he would agree. 

Antarctica phone call

 Today we received a phone call from two scientists, Ali and Sam, working at the Rothera Research Station - the largest British Antarctic facility. We spent this morning researching about Ali and the research station in preparation to ask questions when she phoned at 10am. We must have asked around 50 questions - receiving a detailed and interesting answer to each. We learnt about their role monitoring the skua population on Antarctica.   

Some of the questions we came up with.
Some of the questions we came up with.

Maths Challenge Homework

It has been fantastic to see so many of you having a go at your maths homework challenges over last few weeks.

Y6 recently had a very difficult problem (which even some parents struggled with), but was made easier through use of bar modelling. Below is the question we found hard  - question 4 - and a helpful video filmed involving William and Willow.  

PGL 2018

Our PGL experience !

The coach journey was nerve racking, we were nervous and excited, all at the same time. We didn't know what to expect.

We arrived at lunchtime,and put our luggage away. then we were split into different groups, one group did do zip wire, and the other group did aeroball. The zip wire was amazing with the wind in your face. Was bouncy basketball.



What did you enjoy about PGL?

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Willow(less than a year ago)

I enjoyed the fact that I was in the same group of Ruby and we went together on the Giant swing. I liked the Giant swing because you all had to work together to pull each other to the top. I also enjoyed being away from my parents and being with my class mates. PGL rules!!!!

Maddie Thompson(less than a year ago)

I enjoyed PGL lots because i tried lots of new things and had loads of fun with my friends. Also Tori was an amazing groupee, because she was very fun and kind.

Thursday PGL

Wednesday PGL

Tuesday PGL

Monday PGL

Curriculum map
Curriculum map

Book Study

 I'm very excited to announce that our first class book of the year is Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian which links to our World War 2 topic.

Blurb: When the Second World War breaks out, young Willie Beech is evacuated to the countryside. A sad, deprived child, he slowly begins to flourish under the care of kind old Tom Oakley. But then his cruel mother summons him back to war-torn London....Will he ever see Mister Tom again?

Image result for goodnight mister tom


On Tuesday 5th June 2018 a group of people from the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) came to our school to do a workshop about different parts of the brain. They even brought in the brain of a rat, mouse, bird and a pig all kept in separate jars containing Formaldehyde - which is a preservative fluid used for preserving putrescible (can decay) items like organs and organic tissue. Another activity was to wear a blindfold (which felt like a sock) and take random objects from a polystyrene box. You then had to feel each item and try to figure out what it was without removing the blindfold (I found some pasta, a dummy for a baby, a toothbrush and some seashells). We even made "brain hats" that were 2 pieces of paper stuck together with tape. For the final activity my group did we made paper "hands"; for this we had to draw round our "weak hand" (right for me because I'm a leftie) and then paint it with some paint and a small sponge, we then stuck glitter, pom poms and a pipe cleaner to it and then lunch started and the MNDA people left.

By Sam Hamerton

How many can you learn to spell?

Mummifying a fish

On Wednesday 28th March Amethyst and Ruby class mummified a fish! 

Firstly, Mr Beagle and Mrs Watts put the mackerel (named Carl)  in a blue tray, and poured some wine vinegar over the top of the fish to clean it. Then,they poured some Nile water (Mrs Watts tap water) over the fish to rinse it out. After that, Mr Beagle carefully cut open the fish with a sharp clean knife on the left side of its body.Then, they both delicately took out the organs: the liver, the heart and the stomach. They did not take out the lungs because fish don't have lungs; they have gills.Then, they chose 4 year six pupils' canopic jars to put the intestines, liver and stomach in.

By Olivia and Chantelle



On Monday 5th February, Year 5 and year 6 were invited to take part in a dodgeball tournament at Bradfield secondary school. For the first time in a long time we were able to enter two teams due to how many children we had who attended. We played well and showed great team spirit. We were honest with referees and communicated well with our teammates. It was an absolute pleasure to see these children represent our school. Thanks to parents for their fantastic support and to Lisa and Alice Hague for accompanying the managing the teams. Take a glance at the scoreboard in one of the pictures below!

Home/School learning books

 Just a reminder that children should be reading and recording it in their learning book at least five times a week. Year 6 children are trusted to fill these in themselves but we do ask that parents check and sign them at least once a week. 

A big shout out to Charlie who has recorded reading in his book every day since the start of school in September! Well done Charlie!

Outdoor learning

To link in with our topic and to support our push towards more outdoor learning, Amethyst and Ruby class went down to the local field. We went to look at the different types of leaves we could find. We learnt about specific leaf vocabulary such as margins, midrib and petiole. We drew our leaf in detail once back in school and then compared them with leaves from the rainforest.

 We finished off our learning by considering why rainforest leaves look they way they do and the special jobs that they might need to carry out - such as letting water run off quickly and how the leaf protects itself from its surroundings.  

Homework Summer 2

Summer 2 curriculum map

Expected standard in writing exemplification

Greater depth writer exemplification

Spring 1 homework sheet available to download

Here is a list of different question types you can ask your child when reading to further develop comprehension skills


What are you most looking forward to in Year 6?

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Isabelle(about a year ago)

Don't give up so easily, new year 6's and I hope you will have a great time being the older kids now. Do you very best shot and don't give up.

jacob b(about a year ago)


Isabelle(about a year ago)

I liked doing Judo, it was something that I had never done before. It is intresting, fun and the moves which are handy when you grow up, Andy is really good, and he has been very well trained and now he is a Master, also it was funny when Andy picked up Mr Beagle, I had never seen that before. It was funny and impressive.

Isabelle(about a year ago)

I love this school very much, you get to learn things you have never herd off or never learnt about it, you have to do maths, book study, lictrocy, sience and if you are in my group you have to do idl which is very fun. And this is why this school is very Amazing.

Joe Fairfax(about a year ago)


Isabelle(a couple of years ago)

I loved being a sports leader because it's very fun and you get to see other people's iders.

Isabelle(a couple of years ago)

I'm looking forward to haveing a playdate with my new friends.

Sam(a couple of years ago)

Thomas is like almost a foot shorter than Ruby

kerys(a couple of years ago)

I am looking forward to going to PGL i think it will be great no I now it will be great

Sam(a couple of years ago)

The trip was good to tropical world but the bit before lunch was pretty boring and why would they move their giant anaconda somewhere else WHY???????????

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Why is being a Year 6 so important?

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George L(about a year ago)


Isabelle(about a year ago)

I love the book called the Hobbit, it's the best book I've ever read and one which is intresting, fun and one that is just AMAZING to read. Thank you for picking this book.

Isabelle(about a year ago)

being a year 6 is lots of fun and you get to learn lots of interesting facts all around the world, like Prince Harrry and Meghen Markle getting married this year in may.

Isabelle(a couple of years ago)

I loved doing Gymnastics because it is so much fun and you can learn all tipes of moves.

Isabelle(a couple of years ago)

I loved acting the cararters it was fun and you go and dig holes like we were in the book.

Isabelle(a couple of years ago)

The new councillors are very good and I bicked them both and I think they will be very good councillors.

Isabelle(a couple of years ago)

I think Charlie has done very well and he has showed a good example.

George(a couple of years ago)

more responsibility and you have to show a good example

George(a couple of years ago)

a lot more responsibility and you have to set a good example.

We are having a huge push on all children in school knowing their Times Tables. To help at home, click on the link below to access a variety of games to help you.

Please find below suggested Reading Lists

 Year-6-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
 Year-7-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
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The final set of Common exception words. Have a go at practising them!

Our 4th Spelling wiz - give it a go!

Here is the Third Spelling Wiz for you to use for practice

The second Spelling Wiz of Year 5 and 6 words. Have a go at practising at home.

Practice your spellings at home using this Spelling Wiz. These are the first 21 words from the Year 5 and 6 common exception words.