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Good morning Acorns, Parents and Carers! 

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow morning ready for the start of our year together in Acorn class. This year in class we will have Mrs Cooper and myself, Miss Reilly!

This first Autumn term our focus question is 'How can we recreate the wonder of Ancient Egypt?' so I have put our 'knowledge mat' and the homework sheet below for you to take a look!


p.s. we have PE every Monday and Friday afternoon and on those days you can come into school in your PE kit/School uniform with comfy bottoms and shoes all day!

For those of you who want to tinker on here is our class code:


 Acorn Science Plants Summer 2.pdfDownload
 Art Summer 2.pdfDownload
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Summer 2

Dear Acorns,

We hope you enjoyed the spell of lovely weather during what was possibly the strangest half-term break we've ever had. We also hope that you are enjoying some of the new freedoms we can enjoy as the lockdown is carefully lifted. 

Remember, although it seems like we have been living through this chaotic period for ever, it will end sometime and we will see you all again. You will see your friends again.

Keep thinking about the things you are enjoying about the historic time we are in: time with family, nice weather, time to catch up on films and TV you might have been missing...

And, keep in your mind the knowledge that all seasons change. All things come to an end and you will get through this and look back on a unique experience that no one has had or will ever have again. 

Our Science topic this term is Plants and Flowers. I hope you enjoy the tasks that have been set for you! 


Kind Regards


Mr McPhail

Week 6

Hello Acorns!

Well done! This has been a challenging time for you all and we are very proud of how well you have carried on learning and nurturing your curiosity!

Here are your final tasks for History and Art this half-term.

Hope to see you all soon,

Mr McPhail

 Art Week 6.pdfDownload
 History Week 6.pdfDownload
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Week 5

 Hello Acorns!

We hope you are all well and you haven't gone mad indoors during the colder weather!

Here are your tasks for History and Art.

The are this week is linked to the rainbows we made earlier in the term. We will be making something called a colour study - based on the work of Russian artist Wassily Kadinsky.

Best Wishes and stay safe,

Mr McPhail

 Art Week 5.pdfDownload
 History Week 5.pdfDownload
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Week 4

Hello Acorns,

We are missing you all! Here are your tasks for Art and History this Week.

Best Wishes,

Mr McPhail

 Art Week 4.pdfDownload
 Geometric Patterns - 5 Overlapping Circles Grids.pdfDownload
 Geometric Patterns - 7 Overlapping Circles Grids.pdfDownload
 History Week 4.pdfDownload
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Week 3

Hello Acorns,

I hope you are all well! Here are this week's tasks for Art and History.


Mr McPhail

 Art Week 3.pdfDownload
 History Week 3.pdfDownload
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Read, Write Inc Extra Practice

Visit and look for the above icon to login. 

Username: bradfielddungworth1

Password: acornclass

This will give you access to the RWI extra practice zone. Below is a PDF information booklet for parents to download. 

Week 2

Hello Acorns,

Here are your tasks for the coming week in the subjects of History (Ancient Greece) and Art.

I've included instructions on each of the files, so I hope they will be easy to follow. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to get in touch.  

I hope you are all safe and enjoying time at home.

Mr McPhail

Files to Download -

 Art Week 2 Templates.pdfDownload
 Art Week 2.pdfDownload
 History Week 2.pdfDownload
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Week 1

Hello Acorns,

Below are your tasks for the coming week in the subjects of History (Ancient Greece) and Art

What’s it all about?

  1. Knowledge Map - this is a collection of all the knowledge you need to know/ will learn by the end of the half-term. Whenever you do a history task over the next half-term have this in front of you.
  2. What Do You Know? - complete the first two columns in as much detail as you can. You don’t have to write your answers on the sheet: you can use a separate sheet of paper for each section if you need more space, you could create a document, presentation or webpage on your computer or tablet.
  3. Research Challenge: Your task is to draw a picture of what life in ancient Greece would have looked like. As simple as it sounds to draw a picture, you’ll need to do some of your own research to draw an accurate picture. A good place to start is the web links and information on the PDF. But, don’t stop there - you could use books, television programmes, YouTube Kids, or other websites to find information about the Ancient Greeks. As you research, write notes.
  4. Once you have completed the Research Challenge, complete the final column of What Do You Know?
  5. Timeline Challenge – follow the instructions on the PDF.
  6. Art - Choose one of the line drawings of Greek gods and goddesses. Trace out the line drawing using a pencil. Then, using the information cards provided, find out more about the deity you have chosen. Using what you find out, draw an appropriate background for your tracing. Finally colour or paint your drawing according to what you have available. Art Greater Depth – Can you use shading with a pencil?

I hope you are all safe and enjoying time at home.

Mr McPhail

Files to download -

 1. Ancient Greeks KS2 Knowledge Mat.pdfDownload
 2. History - What Do You Know - Home Learning - Summer 1 Week 1 Task 2.pdfDownload
 3. History- Research Challenge -Home Learning - Summer 1 Week 1 Task 1.pdfDownload
 5. History- Timeline Challenge -Home Learning - Summer 1 Week 1 Task 3.pdfDownload
 6. Art - Drawing Skills Tracing -Home Learning - Summer 1 Week 1.pdfDownload
 6. Art - Information Cards for Drawing Task - Home Learning - Summer 1 Week 1.pdfDownload
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Making Volcanic Eruptions

We made volcanoes using modroc. We painted them and then used red food colouring, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create a chemical explosion. 

Y3/4 Benchball team

6 children competed in a bench ball competition at Bradfield Secondary School.


Acorn Visit to the Medina Masjid.

Y3 children have started learning French whilst the Y4 children are learning to play the flute. The Y3s have learnt about different greetings and can ask you 'How are you today'. 

Click here to watch a video with different greetings

Now they are learning different classroom instructions.



We have started off our topic on THE STONE AGE.

We have been archaeologist's trying to 

We had some ancient 'poo' from 3 different periods in history and we had to find out which was from where. Discover, examine and record.

Here are some photo's.

3 Weirs Walk.

Last Friday we went to walk the 5 Weirs Walk. We had a great time looking at small models built from stones and looking out for a Kingfisher!

Unfortunately 2 parts of the walk had been closed for repair that week!!  
Here are some photos of our day.

Bouncy Obstacle Course comes to Dungworth...


Halle Orchestra - Meet a Player

On Friday Acorn class had a special visitor - Simon the bassoon player. He came and told us all about the different instruments in an orchestra. he showed us his bassoon. Then we composed a piece of music together inspired by nature which is the theme of Mahler's 1st symphony. 

In the evening. some of us went to Sheffield City Hall to listen to the Halle Orchestra play in a concert. There were over 70 musicians all on stage at once playing together. Simon came to see us at the interval.

Making 3D models of the sections of a river

We had a fantastic day learning all about World War 2.

We learnt about The Blitz in Sheffield, Morse code messages, how to put out an incendiary bomb and what we would do if we had been around in that time in history. 

We had great fun!!

What an AMAZING time we had on our Y3/4/5 Residential to Castleton!

Walking, bread making, candle making, gem panning, shelter building, fire lighting,archery, jumblies and exploring the Peak cavern. 

We came back tired out but happy!!

We can't wait for the next residential.


Watch out for the Sporting star of the future!!

Our year 3's competed in the annual games at the EIS. What a fantastic day they had!! Watch out for the teacher on the space hopper!

Some children are running so fast it was hard to catch a photo of them!!!.


We were very lucky to have Madeline's mum, Mrs Ferguson, to come and tell her about her job as a Dental Technician. She showed us how she made dentures, what teeth are like and why people loose teeth. Then we had a go at modelling our own teeth. It brought a smile to all of us!!


We have enjoyed learning about chocolate this term. Where it comes from , how it is made and all about fair trade. So we decided to make our own chocolate.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

From Mouth To Toilet.

Last week we learnt about the Digestive System. 

Then we made our own!!

We saw what happened to the food at different parts of the journey from mouth to toilet!


We hotseated some people to see what they thought about Fairtrade..

We asked the farmer, the trader and the shopkeeper questions.

Welcome to - The Chocolate Factory and the Great British Biscuit!

We designed biscuits with squeezy chocolate and plain biscuits.

We had a chocolate tasting session. Which chocolate was best?? We graded them on taste,texture and smell.

Chocolate Buttons were our favourite!!!


We worked hard to create, make and play an old Viking Game called HNEFTAFL.

Antarctica phone call

 Today we received a phone call from two scientists, Ali and Sam, working at the Rothera Research Station - the largest British Antarctic facility. We spent this morning researching about Ali and the research station in preparation to ask questions when she phoned at 10am. We must have asked around 50 questions - receiving a detailed and interesting answer to each. We learnt about their role monitoring the skua population on Antarctica.

Our Viking Dance.

Bones, Bones, Bones.

We made skeletons today.

Keldon's Uncle came and showed us some Viking artefacts.

We looked at shields, daggers, and even a sword.

We are incredibly proud of how Acorn Class conducted themselves during the Ceremony of the Planting of the Oak Tree in Dungworth Park.

We researched different things about Vikings and then presented our findings to the rest of the class.

Acorn Class are fantastic gymnasts...

We have been busy in our Science lessons looking at how exercise affects our brains..

We have done 3 tests. Get your children to tell you about them.


Can you do the Stroop Test? Read the colour not the word!!

Welcome to Acorn Class.

Your teachers this year are

Mrs. Flewitt  and Mrs. Watts

Mrs. Cooper and Mrs.Benson work in Acorn Class as well.

Our topic for this term is THE VIKINGS and we have already been on a visit to The Dig and Jorvik in York.

Residential to Ravenstor.

Jamie at the EIS.


This term we have been looking at different forces.

We had great fun making parachutes when we were looking at Air Resistance.

When it came to Water Resistance we designed and made small boats from the materials provided. We then timed which boat travelled the quickest through the water.

Acorn Class Maths Overview.

Sing along to learn your x3 and x4 multiplication tables 

2 x and 5 x tables

We are learning our two and five  times tables - in class we have been singing along to this version of Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop the Feeling'