This Term's Tasks


Welcome back to our garden news page!  Are your tomato plants growing well?  How tall are your beans growing, Rainbow class?  There's a lot happening at this time of year, as nature wakes up from its chilly winter bed and begins to grow again.  We hope for sunshine and showers.

Since the beginning of April, it has been good to see tulips and grape hyacinths blooming in a corner of the playground by the top steps, where we planted bulbs last Autumn.  As their flowers fade, others will take their place, so there will always be something interesting in this new focus corner - more about that later.

We were lucky enough to be visited by Vanessa from Grow Sheffield in March.  She brought us five locally grown varieties of young apple trees!   Our very own mini orchard was planted along the hedge bordering the playground by Vanessa and Rainbow class.  We learnt a lot about tree care: how to plant, stake, protect, look after and use them.  We look forward to watching them grow and wish for some lovely apples next year!  Thanks Vanessa, for helping Rainbow class to pot their bean seedlings too!