This page is dedicated to our school garden projects. Continuing updates will be posted on This Term's Tasks 

See How Our Garden Has Grown.

2014 saw the start of our small garden regeneration project, with the kind donation and installation of three raised beds on a strip of neglected land at the edge of the playground.
in Spring 2015, we formed a lunchtime Garden Club with child-appointed tasks to get the garden growing. Lots of activities took place, from preparing the soil to sowing vegetable seeds and looking after the seedlings. Not forgetting keeping a diary......and weeding!
In 2017 we planted a bee and butterfly friendly garden to attract a wide variety of creatures to our playground.
We developed our 'Arty nest' in 2018. This is a quiet area of our playground where we can go to chill out at playtimes and lunchtimes and do Art or science activities. We also use this space for outdoor lessons.
 We have a wildlife-friendly Wild Wood area, small greenhouse and a compost bin, so all the goodness from the old plants can go back into the soil. 
At the end of Summer we planted some flowers, including Poppies for Remembrance.  We use the garden to learn about plants and wildlife in different ways too.  
We are always looking for different ways of maintaining and developing the garden.