Golden assembly winners 15th March  2019
Golden assembly winners 15th March 2019

Romeo and Juliet

 The play, about two star-crossed lovers, was performed by the Manchester Actors Company for KS2 on Tuesday 12th March 2019. We really enjoyed the performance and we're grateful that the actors came to see us.

Ralph the Reindeer 

Willow Class told everyone the story of Ralph the Reindeer who came to Father Christmas's rescue one Christmas when Rudolph had a very bad cold and couldn't fly the sleigh to deliver all the presents! They learnt lots of songs and dances and made everybody smile!

The Tiptoe Nativity

Rainbow Class loved learning about the story of Christmas. They performed their nativity play in the hall to lots of parents. They had really big voices and some great dance moves!

Golden assembly winners 25th January 2019
Golden assembly winners 25th January 2019
Golden assembly winners 18.1.19
Golden assembly winners 18.1.19
Christmas jumper day 2018!
Christmas jumper day 2018!
Golden assembly winners 14th December 2018
Golden assembly winners 14th December 2018

Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Every day for the next three weeks, children will have a chance to win a book as part of out book advent calendar competition. Children, if you can answer the quiz question posed in assembly, put your answer and full name on a piece of paper, fold it up and put in the envelope on the display outside the headteacher's office. A Y1,2, 3 winner and a Y4,5,6 winner will be drawn out every day and they will win a book prize.

Try out some different book quizzes here. How many books have you read? What book could you choose to read next?

Spelling Supermarket

This morning Parents and Governors were invited to a 'Spelling Supermarket.'  Children from all three classes showed them strategies to show them how they are learning their spellings and embedding them into their long term memories. Please check out the powerpoint and slideshow below. We all had a great time. 

Planting a Tree at Dungworth Park to commemorate the end of World War 1

Acorn class attended a ceremony at Dungworth Park on November 14th to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the end of World War 1. They read out names of those people in Bradfield parish who had lost their lives. The school has received a letter from the British Legion congratulating them on their behaviour and clarity of reading. 

Extreme Reading Challenge

We love reading at Bradfield Dungworth! We have been reading in lots of extreme places over the last few weeks - up trees, on roofs, by the sea and in a Greek amphitheatre. Can you spot any teachers amongst these photographs?

Golden assembly winners 19th October 2018
Golden assembly winners 19th October 2018
Golden Assembly winners 12th October 2018
Golden Assembly winners 12th October 2018

The Lost Words  

Last weekend we had the HUGE honour of being one of the first schools to be presented with a crowd-funded copy of The Lost Words, a book by the author Robert MacFarlane and illustrator Jackie Morris.

The book - a spell book of acrostic poems - was written in response to the news that the Oxford English Junior Dictionary would be removing many words to include more recent additions to our language, such as 'broadband'.  All of the words that were removed were linked to nature; words such as conker, bramble, otter and magpie.  One school worker in Scotland was so dismayed that she decided to raise funds to order a copy of the book for every school in Scotland.  Other parts of the country followed suit with 'Vernon Oak' as our benefactor for Sheffield.

The Sheffield Tree Festival was a celebration of the natural world, raising awareness for the plight of trees in Sheffield and beyond, and showcasing a poem written by Robert MacFarlane especially for Sheffield - Heartwood. Look out for the poem on posters across the city!

We received the first copy of the crowdfunded book on behalf of the West of the city. Miss Cooper accompanied Mrs Higgins and we were delighted to meet the author himself, our Lord Mayor Magid Magid, as well as join in with the many activities.

Sports Day June 2018

We had a very successful Sports day again this year. Every single child gave 100% and were cheered by their friends and parents whether they came first or last. Thanks to Madeon's dad for the fantastic pictures

Mrs Hibbards Art Show

Enterprise day 2018

Thank you to everyone who supported our PFA by attending the enterprise afternoon in school. It was a fantastic event showing off the creativity and aptitude for business that the children at our school have. Well done everyone!

Sport Relief 2018

Thank you to everyone who donated to Sport Relief!

This year we dressed up, completed sporting challenges, and sponged our teachers! Thank you also to the children who organised activities for us to join in with.


Orange and blue for Motor Neurone Disease awareness

Orange and blue for MND awareness
Orange and blue for MND awareness

Kerys in Y6 raised over £400 together with our help for research into Motor neurone disease. We all dressed in Orange and Blue for the day. A group of university students and their professors came into school and led workshops to help us understand more about our brains and the way the disease can affect them.