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Ruby Class 2017-2018

Residential to Ravenstor.

Jamie at the EIS.


This term we have been looking at different forces.

We had great fun making parachutes when we were looking at Air Resistance.

When it came to Water Resistance we designed and made small boats from the materials provided. We then timed which boat travelled the quickest through the water.


On Monday 5th February, Year 5 and year 6 were invited to take part in a dodgeball tournament at Bradfield secondary school. For the first time in a long time we were able to enter two teams due to how many children we had who attended. We played well and showed great team spirit. We were honest with referees and communicated well with our teammates. It was an absolute pleasure to see these children represent our school. Thanks to parents for their fantastic support and to Lisa and Alice Hague for accompanying the managing the teams. Take a glance at the scoreboard in one of the pictures below!

We had a MATHSTASTIC time in THEME WEEK!  Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk, we learnt how to use scale and ratio to create our own Giant buddy in the playground, enlarge line drawings of leaves, and work out how many beans, leaves and golden eggs we needed to calculate.  

Later in the week, Mrs Watts inspired us with the book 'Spaghetti and Meatballs For All' and we worked out how many place settings we needed to accommodate all our guests.

This term our Topic is THE RAINFOREST.

We have learnt all about where Rainforests are located and what the main features are.

We had an amazing trip to Tropical World in Leeds where we saw many insects, fish and animals that live in the Rainforest.

We looked at endangered animals and made a film clip about them.

Our book to read this term is



We went with Amethyst Class down to the park to investigate leaves and trees.

Welcome to Ruby Class 2016!!

Ruby Class includes children from Year 4 and Year 5.

Mrs Watts, Mrs Flewitt, Miss Hobson,  Mrs Hibbard, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Benson all work in Ruby Class . 

Our Residential to Edale

We have had a great time on our residential. Here are some photos of the things we have done.


We have been looking at The Circulatory System.

This week we made some 'BLOOD!'

We used water, cheerios,raisins, and white marshmallows to represent red and white bloodcells, plasma and platelets.

In literacy we have watched

The Legend of Biorn.

We are creating our own warrior to attack Biorn!

The Vikings are coming!

Our topic this term is 'Were the Vikings always vicious and victorious'.

We started the topic by sorting the children into groups, named after Viking Gods. Then we made viking shields. 

This week we researched 'How the Vikings got to England.' We learnt all about Viking longboats and recorded a video with all the information we found out.

We have some fantastic work displayed around class too!

Our Visit to the Sikh Temple

We had a great time at the Sikh Temple. We were given a drink and crisps. Then we looked around the worship area and listened to some music. It was really interesting. Thank you for looking after us.


We have been looking at Festivals of Light.

We saw how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Divali.

Welcome to Kinder Kalsi!!  Satsriakaal

Kinder came to tell us more about India.

He taught us a lot about Indian culture and how to speak Punjabi.

We all got dressed in Indian clothes and learnt to Bhangra dance.

We learnt the difference between culture and religion and to treat everyone with respect.

Inspirational People

We have been looking at a lot of inspirational people.

Freddie Woodward came to speak to us. He had been diving in the Olympics. Please look at Amethyst's page for photos.

Harry Potter is our topic this term.

The sorting hat put us into the four Hogwarts houses.

Are you in Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor?

September Ruby Round Up

Welcome Year 4s and 5s to Ruby class's new  Autumn term.


Summer Term.

Welcome back to the Summer Term. 

We are having a fun filled term with singing , drumming, cricket and even Judo!

We are sorry to see Mr Ross go but he is going to come back and see us.

We had a great day  on Empty Classroom Day - we went with Amethyst Class and did a scavenger hunt at the park. We had to hunt and find different things on our list.


Well done to Year 5 girls at the South Yorkshire Cricket Finals!

 We did some Samba drumming this week!



In literacy this week we have been writing our Fantastic Mr Fox sequel (AGAIN)!! But this time turning it into a fab book!


 “Welcome to DIARY DATES with your host JOSEPH”!





 “Welcome to Friday Cheer with Joseph, every Friday a fun song!


This weeks song:









Good bye earthlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome To The Ruby Class Blog – Summer Term

                   [By Sam and Joseph]

New Topic: I’m in Ruby Class, get me out of here!

Our new topic for the summer term is I’m in Ruby Class, get me out of here (or Natural geography). Our topic is about the outdoor world and reading maps.


On Friday 8th of April Ruby class went into the playground to learn how to study maps and coordination. :D


Helping Nature – Bug Shelter!

At playtime, Sam H, Joseph S, Thomas S, Joe H, George I and Nina D are building a bug shelter! When this is being typed we have 3 animals: A caterpillar, A baby slug and an injured bee that’s eating its own muscles because it is so hungry – its goal to eat to its death?!?!?!?!

A highlight of being in Ruby Class is the Eyam Residential!!

We spent 3 days at Eyam Youth Hostel. We learnt all about the plague and did LOTS of walking. We had a great time.

Two-Week Ruby Roundup!!

posted 5 Feb 2016, 16:28 by Mrs Flewitt


Here's a tiny taste of a few of the amazing things we have been up to in the last two weeks!!

 Class Blog 29.1.16



In Science we have been learning how the digestive system works through making a model of it with things like bowls and tights for parts like the intestines and the oesophagus (throat).


Peer Mediation

This week the Y5s had training to be a Mediator.  Being a mediator is basically children on looking out on playground duty, but the children only sort out little problems.



During maths we have been learning about area as well as being taught a funky song that goes: 

“Area goes length times width,

 Length times width,

 Length times width,

 Area goes length times width,

 And the answer is always squared!”


Golden Lunch

This week’s people to go to the Golden Lunch were:

 Polly and Jett. Well done!!


In Science and Literacy we have been annotating (labelling) the parts of the digestive system and explaining how the system works in the best detail we can do, composing big,meaty paragraphs!  We also learnt all about teeth with Mr.Ross!


Class blog 5.2.16 By Sam & joseph

Golden Lunch

This week’s golden

Lunch winners:



Nina and

Charlie W




This Friday we have written a BIG piece of writing, linked to our science topic, explaining all about How to keep our bodies healthy.



we had a last rugger ‘eds lesson – we will miss you rugger eds!



In maths we have continued learning about area.



Ruby Report

posted 25 Jan 2016, 16:33 by Miranda Hobson


By Joseph  and Sam 

  This Week's Golden lunch winners:

Mae , Krystal , Cameron  and Jorja.



With Mrs Flewitt we all wrote a 2 or more pages of writing on computers and in our books, to predict what would happen in the next chapter of ‘Stig of the Dump’.



This Friday we are going to give the Y5s training to be a Mediator.




Monsters, Mediation and Writing More

posted 15 Jan 2016, 17:53 by Miranda Hobson   [ updated 15 Jan 2016, 17:53 ]


By Sam H and Joseph S


This week we did some practice with writing at length for our story next week.


During ICT on Wednesday we continued our work on digital art, some really odd images were put on our collages including: Godzilla, a komodo dragon and all sorts of weird and wacky pictures.


On Thursday the y5s went to Nook Lane school in Stannington, for some  playground buddy training. The main thing we found out about was ‘Peer Mediation’ that quite a few schools are doing now. Peer Mediation is basically children helping to sort out little problems on playground duty.  This makes everyone aware of their own social behaviour.

Stone Age, Stig, and Soft Pastels

posted 8 Jan 2016, 16:58 by Miranda Hobson


By Joseph and Charlie


As it is a new year our new topic is all about The Stone Age. Our topic book is ‘Stig Of The Dump’.



With Mrs Flewitt, in literacy we started by writing facts we know about the Stone Age  and questions that we would like to find out the answer to. We also started off Tuesday by writing facts about some ‘Stig of The Dump’ characters.



In Art on Thursday, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Benson came and did art with all of Ruby class. We did some animal drawings on paper and then coloured it with soft pastels. After, we signed our name in charcoal, and then we had to scrunch up our drawing to make it look stony. Then we stuck it on some black paper so it stands out. When we had finished we drew around our own hand with pastels and charcoal on a big piece of black paper - like the Stone Age people drew on rock walls.


Play, Party, Presents and Parents' Bake Sale

posted 18 Dec 2015, 15:54 by Miranda Hobson   [ updated 18 Dec 2015, 15:56 ]


by Joseph

On Monday we rehearsed our play ready for the  surprising performance for parents, carers and friends on Wednesday. On Monday we also performed the play in front of the whole school.

On Tuesday we did maths, literacy and rehearsed the play for the second-to-last time.

On Wednesday we practiced the play for the last time EVER and we performed the play at 2:00pm and 6:00pm and everybody did very, very well.

On Thursday, we had a deliciously, scrumptious Christmas dinner cooked by our cooks Mrs Fryatt and Mrs Gray from Taylor Shaw. In the afternoon we played lots of fun party games!

Today we were very excited, because Mrs Adams had said that if we had a good day, Father Christmas would visit – and he did!!!


Then at the end of the day, the whole school was invited to visit a Bake Sale hosted by Rainbow class.

The Garden Clubbers sold our tiny carrot harvest as ‘A Carrot for Rudolph’ – we hope to make at least 50p for some new bird food!!!



Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


Poems and Plays

posted 4 Dec 2015, 16:09 by Miranda Hobson   [ updated 4 Dec 2015, 16:10 ]


Written by Joseph and Joe


This week we have been practising a Christmas play. A lot of people have very, long lines and well done to everybody who knows ALL of their lines. We have got lots of characters in the play. Our play is shown on Wednesday 16th December 2015 at 2pm and 6pm.




In Literacy with Mrs Watts-Donkey, we have been writing a two-day poem project which we have finished today. Our poems are focussed on the BEST event of the year: CHRISTMAS!! Here she is tickling them pink!



In Maths, we have been drawing some symmetrical shapes.



For homework you need to practice your play lines (if you have some),asyou need to know all the song lines by next week. You also need to find yourself a costume for the play – ask your teachers if you need help with this.

Yummy Fun!

posted 27 Nov 2015, 16:20 by Miranda Hobson


Written by Sam and Joseph


This week in Ruby Class we have done some yummy and fun work!



With Mrs Flewitt,  we have finally been writing up our Non chronological report. On Thursday with Mrs Watts, we have been writing the ingredients for a special recipe, as well as being visited by Alice Hague who told us about her eight week trip to Malawi in south east Africa.



We have been cooking some carrot buns that were made in World War 2, the ingredients we used were: 2 dessert spoons of margarine,

4 dessert spoons of sugar, a few drops of vanilla flavouring, 8 dessert spoons of grated, raw carrot, 12 dessert spoons of self-raising flour and ½ tea spoons of baking powder, yum!

Ruby Round-up

posted 20 Nov 2015, 15:30 by Miranda Hobson


Written by Joseph and Sam

In Literacy this week we have been planning a non chronological report about dragons with Mrs Watts. With Mrs Flewitt we have been doing some comprehension based on a report about the extinct king of the oceans, the Megalodon.


With Mrs Watts we have doing some R.E. - learning about Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism and Islam. Special thanks to Joseph for typing up the results of what people thought.


In P.E we have been learning to copy our partner’s moves and use hoops, as well as balancing symmetrically. Have a look at our shapes -

With Mrs Flewitt we also started to design a dragons home on FMS logo. Some people did very well (whilst having a crazy lot of fun!).

More next week!!

Dragons, Drama and Wonderful Onesies!

posted 13 Nov 2015, 16:12 by Miranda Hobson


Written By Joseph and Nina 

In Ruby Class it has been a very busy week.

In book study we have been learning about How To Train Your Dragon. We have been describing Hiccup and how he wouldn’t be your natural Viking hero.

In literacy with Mrs Flewitt we have been learning about Prefixes. We have been adding a prefix to the start of a root word (a normal word) which means the opposite of something. FOR AN EXAMPLE:  you would add ‘dis’ to advantage to make disadvantage. Also in Literacy with Mrs Flewitt we have been describing a dragon we drew last week. We have made dragon passports to tell people a bit about are dragon.

With Mrs Watts (or ‘Mrs Fox’  as she is now known since her onesie for Children in Need day!) we have been doing a bit of DRAMA!! In drama we got into pairs and made up a dragon and acted out how it moved. Today with Mrs Watts (or Mrs Fox again) we were writing about our dragons we acted out or the dragon we drew.


In Physical Education this week we have been getting into pairs and we were copying each other like we were in front of a mirror. Charlie and Isabella did cool stuff and they did even better stuff  because they did not have any P.E. equipment and they did not moan!



Science Boffins

posted 16 Oct 2015, 17:05 by Mrs Watts   [ updated 16 Oct 2015, 17:17 ]



This week we have been learning about sound. With Mrs Flewitt we have learnt how sound travels and it travels by sound waves.

We did an experiment with a tuning fork and we banged the tuning fork on the table and then dipped it in to some cold water and it made a little sprinkle of water so that is what we did with Mrs Flewitt.


With Mrs Watts we have been doing even more stuff about sound!! But with Mrs Watts sound has been even more fun! In Science purple and red table were blowing in different bottles of water and they were seeing what sound they could make, blue table and orange table were making toy guitars and green table and yellow table  were making sounds with instrument and recording all the info down!

We now have school councillors in ruby class one year 5 and one year 4 and they are Cameron Bland representing year 4, and Louie Goodison representing year 5. So they now will be asking for good things for class and outside and maybe for P.E stuff as well!


In P.E. we have been making arches and been working in pairs for the last couple of days which has been very interesting and fun. We have also had a football teacher in for P.E and so we have been doing football in P.E as well.

By Joseph and Charlie S

Whirlow Hall Farm

posted 9 Oct 2015, 15:24 by Miranda Hobson


On Thursday, Ruby class enjoyed a day "down on the farm" at Whirlow Hall.  The day was filled with indoor and outdoor activities, interestingly linked to our topic of  World War 2.  We learnt about all the chores you were expected to do as an evacuee - and helped with chopping the vegetables from the farm, mending rag rugs, sewing, and tidying.  Outside we helped the Land Army girls, checking on the animals, digging potatoes and collecting the eggs.  What a fantastic way to learn about life during wartime!

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