Acorn Class Blog

We researched different things about Vikings and then presented our findings to the rest of the class.

Acorn Class are fantastic gymnasts...

We have been busy in our Science lessons looking at how exercise affects our brains..

We have done 3 tests. Get your children to tell you about them.


Can you do the Stroop Test? Read the colour not the word!!

Welcome to Acorn Class.

Your teachers this year are

Mrs. Flewitt  and Mrs. Watts

Mrs. Cooper and Mrs.Benson work in Acorn Class as well.

Our topic for this term is THE VIKINGS and we have already been on a visit to The Dig and Jorvik in York.

Residential to Ravenstor.

Jamie at the EIS.


This term we have been looking at different forces.

We had great fun making parachutes when we were looking at Air Resistance.

When it came to Water Resistance we designed and made small boats from the materials provided. We then timed which boat travelled the quickest through the water.

Please find below all documents relating to Welcome Meeting

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