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Please remember to bring your P.E kit into school every week

Rainbow Class

 Rainbow is a mixed Reception (Foundation Stage 2) and Year 1 class.  The class is taught on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays by Miss Cooper. On Thursdays and Fridays Mrs Higgins teaches us.  Mrs Adler, Miss Hobson and Mrs Hibbard help us.

Summer Term 2

After half term our topic is 'Why can't Meerkats live at the North Pole? Click on the link below to download a copy of our topic overview.

Why Can't Meerkats Live In The North Pole.docxDownload
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Feeding the lambs 

On Thursday we got a chance to feed the lambs. Matilda's mum brought in some lambs for us to feed. We had lot of fun!

Weston Park Trip 

On Tuesday 21st March we went to Weston Park. We had lots of fun looking at toys. We then got a chance to be a curator and add toys to our own cabinet in the museum.

NSPCC Pantosaurus 

Last week we looked at the NSPCC Pantosaurus animation. You can view the video here:


The parents guide to support this can be found here:



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Year One Phonics Screening 

In 13 weeks the we will be doing the phonic screening. Please see the video below for more information.  If you have any questions please come and talk to us.

Year one Sports at the English Institute of Sport

On Wednesday 8th March the Year Ones went to the English Institute of Sport. We had a fantastic time competing in many different sporting activities.


Pancake Day

We learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and got a chance to make yummy pancakes!

Our school theme week is "Transport and Design Technology". As part of this topic we have been looking at the book "Mrs Armitage on Wheels" by Quentin Blake.   

We had lots of fun acting out 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'

Chinese New Year

This term we have been learning about Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year celebrations took place on the 28th January. This year was the year of the Rooster. We have learnt all about the story behind Chinese New Year. We got the chance to make and try Chinese Stir fry. All of our class now know which Chinese year they were born in! Have a look at all of the lovely things we have been up to whilst celebrating Chinese New Year...

Tai Chi

On Mondays we have been lucky enough to be taught Tai Chi by Miss O'melia. We have been focusing on different balancing and breathing exercises. We have become really good at remembering each different step. 

 Internet Safety Day

On the 7th February we learnt all about how to stay safe on the internet.  We used the story of the Little Red Riding Hood to learn about how people on the internet may not be who they seem. Have a look of the photos of our learning.

  Ice melting experiment

We had lots of fun doing an ice experiment. We looked at ice meting in different conditions , this included ice in water, ice outside and ice placed in a tray in the classroom.  Ask your child what they found out. You might want to try this experiment at home!

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We had lots of fun playing in the snow! 


In our first topic this half term we will be learning all about winter.  We will look at ice and snow, the arctic and antarctic, and animals who live in these environments.


Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear and clothing for being outside - make sure it has a name in it and can be put on independently.  

Father Christmas! 

On the last day of term before the Christmas Holidays we were lucky enough to have Father Christmas visit our classroom. He gave each child in a class a gift.

Stick man by Julia Donaldson December 2016   

We read the story of Stick Man.  Poor Stick man - he didn't like being used as a sword, a pooh stick or a flag for sandcastle!  We found some sticks outside and then bound them together using string.  Do you like them?


New Topic: Why isn't everyone afraid of the dark?

This week we have started our new topic. We've already begun to explore in our Dark Den! Attached is the topic overview, and this half term's homework menu. This term, Reception children have a different one to Year 1.  

 dark den

Rainbow Autumn 2 2016 homework menu.docxDownload
Reception Children Homework menu autumn.docxDownload
Why isn't everyone afraid of the dark overview.docxDownload
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Theme Week: Bonfire Night

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about Bonfire Night.  This traditional festival in England started with the Gunpowder Plot.  We have learnt all about this, and why we put a 'Guy' on a bonfire.  We have also learnt about bofire and firework safety with the help of Welephant and Fireman Sam.  Look out for our work in the corridor shortly! Click on the link to leave this page and read/watch the story again: 

Welephant Bonfire Safety   Fireman Sam  

A New Half Term

Welcome back after half term!  We hope you had a lovely week off.  In the run up to Christmas we will be learning about our Bonfire Night traditions, we will be wondering 'who is afraid of the dark', before looking at the Christmas Story and Christmas traditions.  Our trip this term will be to the Crucible to watch and join in with a musical retelling of Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees' book 'The Chimpanzees of Happytown'.  These are the songs we have been learning:    chimpanzees of happytown

Potato Picking

What a fantastic day we have had! We walked to Mrs Hague's farm to pick potatoes. We took the scenic route there - we walked through 'Pudding Poke', spotting signs of Autumn such as berries, acorns and leaves that are turning brown.  We bumped into cows and horses too! It was quite muddy as it had been raining earlier but we did our best to avoid slipping.  When we got to the farm, we climbed over a style into the field, then listened to Mrs Hague.  She showed us where the potato harvester had been  - we were very lucky as it had left us a whole row to pick.  The potatoes were hidden underground so we had to dig for them - it was like finding buried treasure! We collected some for a huge sack.  Mrs Hague is going to deliver them to school so that our cooks can turn them into chips! We were also able to fill a bag with potatoes to take home - how lucky! I hope they tasted as good as they looked.

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2016/17 Topic Overview

Have a go at these games. Click on the title or picture to take you to a different website...

Starfall Learn to Read Books starfall learn to read

Click on the book and read the stories.

Hanging Monkeyshanging monkeys

Reception: see if you can read the word then listen to it. Can you match it to a picture?

Teddy Numbers teddy nubers

Reception: can you count to 5? What about 10? Now try 15?

Year 1: Can you read the words to work out how many cakes the teddy needs?

The Chute Shuffle chute shuffle

Y1: pick a phoneme. Read the sentence 3 times then hide it. Put the clouds in the right order so the sentence makes sense!