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Please remember to bring your P.E kit into school every week

Rainbow Class

 Rainbow is a mixed Reception (Foundation Stage 2) and Year 1 class.  The class is taught on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings by Miss Cooper. On Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays Mrs Higgins teaches us.  Mrs Adler, Mrs Benson, Mrs Bower and Mrs Hibbard help us.

The Little Red Hen

This week we have enjoyed listening to the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. We have had a chance to retell the story using Pie Corbett. 

We had lots of fun making and tasting our own bread.

We have been enjoying using our outdoor area, investigating the different zones.  Please make sure your child has suitable clothing for working and playing outdoors in all weathers.

Which materials should the Three Little Pigs have used to build their house?

This is our topic overview:

Year One Phonics Screening 

In June 2018 we will be completing the phonic screening. Please see the video below for more information.  If you have any questions please come and talk to us.

2017/18 Topics Overview


Have a go at these games. Click on the title or picture to take you to a different website...

Starfall Learn to Read Books starfall learn to read

Click on the book and read the stories.

Hanging Monkeyshanging monkeys

Reception: see if you can read the word then listen to it. Can you match it to a picture?

Teddy Numbers teddy nubers

Reception: can you count to 5? What about 10? Now try 15?

Year 1: Can you read the words to work out how many cakes the teddy needs?

The Chute Shuffle chute shuffle

Y1: pick a phoneme. Read the sentence 3 times then hide it. Put the clouds in the right order so the sentence makes sense!