We've started to send home letter formation practise sheets for the sounds that we are learning and reading books. Check your book bags!

Rainbow Class

 Rainbow is a Reception (Foundation Stage 2) class with 23 pupils.  The class is taught on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings by Miss Cooper. On Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays, Mrs Higgins teaches the class.  Mrs Adler, Mrs Hibbard and Miss Willis help us across the week too.

Whatever Next 

We have been reading Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. This week we have been learning all about speech bubbles.  Everyone has written a speech bubble for one of the characters in the story.   

Image result for whatever next by jill murphy28/11/18

Bonfire Night 

 We had lots of fun making bread stick sparklers after Bonfire night.  Everyone got a chance to make their own sparkler. When it was dry we got to eat them! They were yummy!

Home Learning Challenges 

Please click on the link to download a copy of our home learning challenges for this term. All home learning needs to be returned to school on the 13th December.

After half term our menu will be changing

Every child should have received a paper copy of the new menu. This will be starting AFTER HALF TERM.  If you would like to see/ download a copy of the new menu please click on the link below.

 Reception Children Homework Menu autumn 2.docxDownload
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 New school dinner menu 2018-2019.pdfDownload
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This week we have been reading Supertato by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet 

Image result for supertato

 We have had lots of fun with this story. First we designed our own Supertato giving it a special superhero name. Then we had to capture all of the Evil Peas that had escaped, luckily they were trapped in jelly!  We used knives and folks to carefully cut the peas out of the jelly and put them in our special force field (purple bowl). 

Making Leek and Potato soup!

We had lots of fun making Leek and Potato soup. First we all peeled all of the Potatoes. Then  we chopped up the leeks and potatoes. This helps us with our fine motor skills.  Next we placed all of the vegetables into 2 pans and added water.  Then we put the soup on the hob to cook.  Once the soup was cooked we put it in a blender to mash up the vegetables. Finally we all got to try our lovely soup! Some children even had more than one portion. 


We have been using hammers to drive tees into pumpkins.  This helps us to develop our muscles ready for writing.  It was great fun! Once the pumpkin was full of holes we cut it open and felt inside.  It felt "wet", "slimy", "sticky" and "gooey".  The skin felt "hard", "smooth" and "slippery".  It was hard work cutting up sections of the pumpkin.  We took out the seeds and washed them.  Some of us want to plant them to see what happens - watch this space!

Conker Soup

Mrs Higgins was given a fire grate for us to use.  We had great fun using the logs and leaves to make a fire and flames.  One of the children thought that we ought to make Conker Soup to cook on the fire.  We had a think about the ingredients and decided on the instructions before making our soup.  It was delicious... ;-)

Home Readers and Letter/Sound folders

This week, everyone will have a Home School Learning log and a home reader.  Please bring these to school daily.  We will endeavour to read with your child every day and will change this book if necessary.  Some books require the adult to read sections and for your child to join in with the speech bubbles.  Encourage your child to look at the pictures and sound out letters they know in words such as 'man' to read aloud.  Question your child on the characters, setting and story. Please record daily reading in the home/school log.  Your child can earn certificates and prizes for reading at home.

The letter formation folder will be updated when we learn a new sound and what it looks like.  Please keep these in your bag each day, however do not feel that they must be completed daily! Practise sounding out these letters using 'pure sounds'.  A reminder can be found here: how to say the sounds .  Your child should be able to see the letter and instantly know what sound it makes. 

The yellow letters can be traced over with fingers and then pencil to understand how to form the letter.  We hold a pencil in a tripod grip and sit at a table.  Every letter starts on the line where we "smile in" to the letter before we "smile out" at the end.  Underneath the letters is plenty of space for your child to practise on their own.  If your child is finding this hard (which is completely normal at this stage), practise on a larger scale; you could write in mud with a stick, using paint, shaving foam, in rice or sand. Bath crayons are great, as is chalk outside.   Practise using an 'air' pencil (using your finger to draw it in the air) or use water and a paintbrush to draw them on the floor or wall.  Children will master their handwriting when their muscles have developed  on a larger scale before it will transfer to the small, fine motor skills required for handwriting.   Practising a 'swishing' movement (e.g. with a magic wand, stick or ribbon stick) will support muscle development for mastering the 'lead in' to each letter we write.

Please do not keep water bottles in book bags.  There is a charge for lost or damaged books.

1 Potato, 2 Potatoes, 3 Potatoes, 4...

It was a warm and sunny day for us to go Potato Picking on Mrs Hague's farm.  We walked through our village, along Pudding Poke, and up into the fields.  We learnt where potatoes come from, how they are grown, and what they become when they've been picked.  Did you know that Mrs Hague's white potatoes become chips for our local fish and chip shop? 

We all enjoyed using our hands, trowels and spades to dig the soil for the potatoes - it was like finding treasure! It was hard and mucky work but we had a great time and were lucky enough to fill our own bags to take home! I wonder what you have used them for? Don't forget to give them a good scrub first!  We also filled several huge sacks and Mrs Hague dropped these off to Mrs Fryatt, our school cook, to use for our dinner. We can't wait to try them!

Finally it was time to come home.  We spotted lots of signs of Autumn along the way - fallen leaves, acorns, blackberries, the changing colours of the leaves on the trees.  Maybe you could go for walk and see what you can see?

A huge thank you (as always) to Mrs Hague for allowing us to pick potatoes to take home, and for all the information she shared.  Thank you also to our fabulous volunteers who supported us in walking the children to and from the field, plus assisted with the digging.

Parents' Meeting

At our welcome meeting we discussed several ways in which you can help at home.

  • Practise the sounds we are learning using pure sounds;
  • Practise writing the letters to match the sounds;
  • Make a word tin of the common words we are learning to read: write the words on individual flashcards and keep then in a box/tin.  Practise reading them;
  • Read to your child at home daily;
  • Hear your child read their home reading book daily when it is sent home. 

These short videos will give you some tips... 

Link to to the Read Write Inc support page

A HUGE welcome to our new children.  We've enjoyed getting to know you at your nurseries and homes, and now it's time to get to know your new classroom at school!  We have lots of exciting activities for you to try...

Have a go at these games. Click on the title or picture to take you to a different website...

Starfall Learn to Read Books starfall learn to read

Click on the book and read the stories.

Hanging Monkeyshanging monkeys

See if you can read the word then listen to it. Can you match it to a picture?

Teddy Numbers teddy nubers

Can you count to 5? What about 10? Now try 15?