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2D shapes

We have spent a few lessons in maths exploring 2D shape using pattern blocks. We have practiced making different 2D shapes including regular and irregular shapes. We have discussed what fraction of a shape is a certain colour. We have also played with making different patterns and determining what they are made from. This has also led to some discussion around right angles and the difference between a square and a rhombus. 

Art week

Although we started art week early, we joined in with the rest of the school in art week last week. We produced some pieces around Kandinsky and Hokusai; two very different but equally exciting and skilled artists. Here are just a few snaps of us using printing techniques to recreate one of Hokusai's famous '36 views of mount Fuji' pieces.

Creswell Crags recount written by Jamie and Lewis using Clicker7

Pied Piper of Hamelin

 Jade class really enjoyed watching 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin'. We took a few photos of the fantastic , energetic and exciting performance. Thank you to everyone who contributed to covering the cost of such a wonderful experience. 

Jade class favourite books

Drinking straws pitch investigation

In science today we made our own straw pipes. We discussed how we could feel the vibration the sound made in our lips. We also cut the straw and noticed a change in pitch. It was certainly a noisy afternoon! 

Have a go at making straws of different sizes to make your own instrument. Follow the link below if you need help.


Pan Pipes

Review for week 4 of summer 1 term
Review for week 4 of summer 1 term

Upcoming week (15th May 2017):

  • Due to the KS2 SATS last week we had far fewer Read Write Inc sessions than usual. Therefore we will be learning the same spellings again this week and having our spelling test this Friday on the 19th instead.
  • Please remember swimming gear on Monday for our first swimming session of the year.
  • We will be heavily focusing on maths this week in preparation for the Year 2 KS1 SATS reasoning paper the following week. We will be revising shape, money and data handling.
  • Well done to Gabriel who has already brought in his first homework project! He has made a hunting bow to help gather food for his tribe. 


 Attention parents! We have started learning about time as part of our maths work. We are getting better and better at telling the time, but we still need more practice. Please test us on the time (analogue clocks only at the moment) whenever you can. Most of the class have learnt quarter past, half past, quarter to and o'clock but some of us are starting to recongise 5 minute intervals too.


 We will be administering the KS1 SATS papers next week for our Year 2 children. Below are the dates we plan to administer the different tests:

  • Monday 15th May 2017 - Reading paper
  • Tuesday 16th May - Maths arithmetic paper
  • Wednesday 17th May - Maths reasoning paper

There is also an optional Spelling and Grammar paper that we will use at a later date to aid teacher assessment.

There is a really helpful and thorough video following the link below that explains what the tests are about and what they include. Please feel free to ask me any other questions you would like that aren't answered in the video.


Ecclesall Woods Stone Age Trip

What an amazing trip we had! On Tuesday 2nd of May Jade class went to Ecclesall Woods Woodland Discovery Centre for a day all about the stone age. We started off our day with a tig based game called Mammoth and a stealth game. Then we got into our tribes and began our den building. When we realised we had no waterproof roof to our dens, we had to earn a tarpaulin by hunting. We used spears to hunt and practiced hitting a target. Every team won a tarpaulin and used it to cover their den. We then had a test to see if our den could withstand the weather. Some of us got a little bit wet! Would you be hungry after all that work? We certainly were so we stopped for lunch. After lunch we wandered into the woods to begin tool making. After this we got to practice starting a fire using flint. Chris then made a larger fire so that we could toast marshmallows. When everyone had finished we packed up and departed for school. Sorry to parents who had to wait for us to get back. The marshmallow toasting took longer than expected and we didn't really want to cut it short and have children miss out. Thank you so much to parents for getting children to school on time and with lunches, coats and everything else needed for a great trip.


We were lucky enough this half term to have Faye from Links come in to help teach gymnastics. We then performed a class routine to the rest of the school. We even got to meet Lincoln the Lion (the Links mascot) who came to see our show before coming around to each classroom to meet the children.

Year 3 basketball team A and B
Year 3 basketball team A and B

Year 3 Basketball

 On Monday the 6th of February, 8 of the Year 3 pupils visited Bradfield school to take part in a basketball competition. We entered 2 teams. One of our teams won, drew and lost and came in fourth place. Our other team won all of their 3 games and finished first. Well done to everybody who took part and thank you to parents for taking, collecting and supporting the children taking part.

Magna poll


What can you tell us about the trip to Magna?

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Mr Beagle(about a year ago)

Dave was a fantastic teacher at the volcano workshop. I enjoyed making our volcano erupt and using play dough to build volcano up.

jamie(about a year ago)

I enjoyed the volcano workshop making it erupt.

Alex(about a year ago)

I realy liked magna because there is loads of things to do and play on

Magna trip

 Thank you very much to the adults who accompanied us on our trip to Magna! Also a big thank you to all parents and carers for getting the children to school early for a swift departure. We managed to get to Magna earlier than planned, but rather than wait around we were able to start our workshop earlier and get more done. Please take a look at the slideshow below to see what we got up to during our volcanoes workshop, discovery time and adventure playground time.

Uncovering Pompeii

Today Jade class became archaeologists for the day. We swept in the sand to uncover some ancient Roman artefacts from Pompeii. We found jewellery, furniture, art, coins and much more. We discussed what these artefacts taught us about Pompeii and how the people who lived there 2000 years ago lived.

Science week!

See if you can find the sources of light in the spooky mansion.

Can you dazzle us with your knowledge of light?

If you want a real challenge click on really hard.

Miss Brown 

Year 2 African dance

Year 3 African dance

African instruments

We had a lovely visit from Clare Turner on Tuesday. She brought in a range of African instruments for us to see, listen to and try playing. We got to see and listen to an kora which is similar to a harp and very difficult to play. We got to hear an mbira and even sing some African songs to accompany Clare's playing. Finally we all got to have a go at playing a gyli which is very similar to a balafon. We learnt that a gyli is a percussion instrument as you use beaters to hit it.


 During the school theme week of light, Jade class have been learning about the festival of Hanukkah which is a Jewish festival of light. We have been learning about the Menorah, dreidels, the star of David and tomorrow we will be cooking some latkes (a special potato based food eaten during Hanukkah). Links to games, learning tasks and photos of our activities can be found below and above. 

The benchball team
The benchball team

Bench ball

 On Monday the 10th of October, children from Jade class attended a benchball competition held at Bradfield secondary school. The team played 5 games and won all of them meaning they came first overall. Well done to such a fantastic team. The team can be seen above. Although we were very excited, those aren't tears of joy. Unfortunately Lillay had a fall just before this photo!

Maths games for Lillay:

Ladybird game

Caterpillar game

African topic visitors

 What a week! We have had two visitors this week. Our first visitor arrived on Tuesday morning. It was Elijah Kibutu who taught us about growing up in Kenya. He also brought some delicious Kenyan food which we tried and loved. 

 Then on Wednesday we had Steve from Unbeatable Energy come to teach us how to play the djembe. We finished off the day with a brilliant performance for the parents and the rest of Key stage 2. Thanks to all the parents who managed to make the performance as the children were very keen to show off their skills. 

Download this powerpoint to play the African animal guessing game


Children have begun to bring in some of their fantastic homework projects! See pictures below. Homework projects need to be in by the 15th of July.

Trip to Grimsby and Cleethorpes

 The children had a brilliant time last week with their trip. Thank you to parents for getting children to school bright and early and waiting until later to collect children. I big thank you from me to Mrs Adams, who took my place as the trip lead, and to Mrs Hallam, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Hibberd. 

Empty classroom day

 For empty classroom day teachers were asked to plan and deliver at least one lesson outside on Friday. Luckily the rain held off and Jade class took part in an outdoor maths lesson. Some of the class were given the challenge of making target amounts using Numicon, others were on a number bond to 50 hunt whilst a final group were on a fraction hunt to try and make wholes. 


To kick off healthy schools week we had Faye from our schools sports partnership Links to come in and help teach us some exciting cheerleading moves. Photos are posted below, and as you can see from all the smiles we had a great time!


What was your favourite part of the year?

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What do you think about the new school laptops?

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Campbell(less than a year ago)

they are good

Daniel(less than a year ago)

they are epic and friendly

lucas(less than a year ago)

this is a nice school to be in plus has good teacers like: mr.beagle mrs.markem ms.addems mrs.addler mrs.higgings and mrs.wazts

jessica and Romy(less than a year ago)

we love the new laptops they are amazing

Mert and Alex(less than a year ago)

yes because it is really quick and their really fancy

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