Welcome to Jade class school blog. Read about what we have been up to in class.

Weston Park Museum

We visited Weston Park Museum this week and we had a super time exploring the exhibitions and doing an Ancient Greece Workshop.  

World book day!

We had lots of fun in Jade class! We all got the chance to dress up as our favourite book character for world book day.

Building bridges 

In our theme week we looked at what it means to improve. We had lots of fun building bridges using different materials. The bridge had to hold two lego crayons without falling down.  We tried hard to succeed and improve our bridges to make sure they stood up to the challenge.

Mini Olympics

We have been learning about Ancient Greece. Did you know that the Olympic games began in Greece? We've been watching the Winter Olympics and we decided to have some fun and develop skills that are needed to take part in some of the games there. We have been curling, doing luges, ski jumping, ice skating and doing a torch relay with our friends. Look at our photos! 

Jade Class Blog


We love Science in Jade class. One of our investigations was to do with what we thought would happen when we placed salt and food dye on ice. We made all sorts of predictions and then did our experiment. We noticed that the ice made snapping sounds; the food dye changed colour when it got mixed and the salt melted the ice, making lots of different patterns. 

Outdoor Learning

We have been going outdoors to immerse ourselves in the woods and then use this setting in our writing. We saw all sorts when we were out: fly agaric mushrooms, bee nests, mole hills and lots of beautiful trees and plants. It gave us loads of ideas!

Maths Week 

In Jade class we have read the story "How Many Jelly Beans" and have been doing Maths activities. We have counted jelly beans, made jelly bean patterns and solved problems with jelly beans. We even used different sweets to make some 3D shapes. We've had loads of fun! 

This is our yearly overview 2017-2018. This will let you see what subjects we will be covering in this academic year.