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Crucial crew

 On Wednesday 6th of June, Amethyst class travelled to Rotherham to attend crucial crew. Our day at the Lifewise centre involved 8 scenarios. The first thing we did was about cyber bullying, we went onto the set and went to the internet cafe and we learnt about internet safety and cyber bullying. The next thing we did was we went to the park and learnt about what good friends and bad friends are and not to meet up with people we have met off the internet. We then went to the court room to learn about court; Sam played a boy who had shoplifted and was fined £315. After that we went to the prison to see what it would be like. then we went to A&E to learn about medication. After that we visited  a house with a burning bin and learnt about arson. Then we went to the bus and learnt about all the emergency exits on it, we also learnt about crossing the road and road safety. Finally we learnt about how to react to a fire in our own home. We all had lots of fun and had a great time so going home was hard.   

By Jem Clark

On Tuesday 5th June 2018 a group of people from the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) came to our school to do a workshop about different parts of the brain. They even brought in the brain of a rat, mouse, bird and a pig all kept in separate jars containing Formaldehyde - which is a preservative fluid used for preserving putrescible (can decay) items like organs and organic tissue. Another activity was to wear a blindfold (which felt like a sock) and take random objects from a polystyrene box. You then had to feel each item and try to figure out what it was without removing the blindfold (I found some pasta, a dummy for a baby, a toothbrush and some seashells). We even made "brain hats" that were 2 pieces of paper stuck together with tape. For the final activity my group did we made paper "hands"; for this we had to draw round our "weak hand" (right for me because I'm a leftie) and then paint it with some paint and a small sponge, we then stuck glitter, pom poms and a pipe cleaner to it and then lunch started and the MNDA people left.

By Sam Hamerton

Today we made edible eyeballs fit for an Axxa feast. The Axxa are the alien race the humans are at war with in our current book study book called 'Phoenix'. They eat eyeballs (which the humans think is disgusting), however they aren't real eyeballs. They are in fact made to look that way to deter humans from eating them. Instruction on how to make them can be found below.  

Remember not to worry this week
Remember not to worry this week
SATS timetable
SATS timetable


You're never too old for drawing with chalk on the floor! Some brilliant angles work from Amethyst class today.

Spelling Bee Update

Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to the  top six spellers in the first round of the spelling bee. Our semi-finalists (in no particular order) are Isaac, Ruby, George, Jem, Chantelle and Sam. The semi-final will take place on Friday the 25th of May. A copy of the words can be found below too. If you didn't make it through to the semi-final, you can still have a look at these words. See how many of these tricky words you can learn.  

Image result for spelling bee

How many can you learn to spell?
Our new book study book: Phonenix by SF Said
Our new book study book: Phonenix by SF Said

Eggcellent work Y6!

Mummifying a fish

On Wednesday 28th March Amethyst and Ruby class mummified a fish! 

Firstly, Mr Beagle and Mrs Watts put the mackerel (named Carl)  in a blue tray, and poured some wine vinegar over the top of the fish to clean it. Then,they poured some Nile water (Mrs Watts tap water) over the fish to rinse it out. After that, Mr Beagle carefully cut open the fish with a sharp clean knife on the left side of its body.Then, they both delicately took out the organs: the liver, the heart and the stomach. They did not take out the lungs because fish don't have lungs; they have gills.Then, they chose 4 year six pupils' canopic jars to put the intestines, liver and stomach in.

By Olivia and Chantelle


Dragon's Den

I am very proud of my class today. I had the opportunity to see them present a range of amazing businesses ideas, all of which have the potential to raise a lot of money for the PFA. Well done to everybody who took part and good luck in your preparation for the big day when your business idea becomes a reality. 

Mr Beagle

Image result for canopic jars

We will  be making canopic jars as part of our topic later this week. If you could bring a container with a lid to help with this task by Thursday 22nd March that would be fantastic!


What have you learnt about Ancient Egypt so far?

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Image result for sport relief 2018

Don't forget about sport relief this Friday - best sporting costumes will get pictures on the class page.


On Monday 5th February, Year 5 and year 6 were invited to take part in a dodgeball tournament at Bradfield secondary school. For the first time in a long time we were able to enter two teams due to how many children we had who attended. We played well and showed great team spirit. We were honest with referees and communicated well with our teammates. It was an absolute pleasure to see these children represent our school. Thanks to parents for their fantastic support and to Lisa and Alice Hague for accompanying the managing the teams. Take a glance at the scoreboard in one of the pictures below!

Judo - Andy came in to teach us some judo. He has a club at Forge valley which he has handed pamphlets out for if you're interested. 

Fantasy narrative

As we have been reading (and thoroughly enjoying) the hobbit, we will be taking the inspiration provided by the book to create our own chapter from a fantasy story. Check back with us over half term for an update on story details. 


The Black Hole

We have just finished writing our narratives based on the short film 'The Black Hole'. This is the second time we have used a short film for writing stimulus this year and the results have been just as impressive. Writing will soon be displayed in class! Can't wait for parents to read them at book drop-in on Feb 16th! 

Screenshot from the short film that inspired our writing
Screenshot from the short film that inspired our writing
Our new book study book
Our new book study book

Sheffield Federation School Sports

SFSS – Y6 Primary Football Leagues 2017/18

Our next game has been booked in for Thursday 25th January and will be against Malin Bridge at Wisewood sports centre. Letters to be sent out soon.

Image result for football


 Image result for newspaper clipart

Special reporting challenge:

Choose a topic or event of your choice to write a newspaper report on. It doesn't have to be a recent event. 

Try to include:

  • Orientation - an introduction with the 5Ws (who, what, where , when , why/how) to introduce the article.
  • Parenthesis - to add extra information.
  • At least one picture with a caption.
  • Passive voice - where the object of the sentence becomes the subject.
  • A semi-colon to join two main clause together (replacing a co-ordinating conjunction or FANBOYS).
  • Re-orientation - conclusion explaining where the story may go next.

Click here for a word document newspaper template

Animal discoveries in the amazon rainforest! Click on the animal to find out more:

Fire tail mokeys

River dolphin

Western striolated puffbird - link 1 and link 2


What did you learn about yourself or a friend whilst at PGL?

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Olivia(less than a year ago)

I learnt that I can come over fears and that I do have really kind friends

PGL - Friday

PGL - Thursday

PGL - Wednesday

PGL - Tuesday


Football results from 20th October

 Brilliant team performance from Bradfield Dungworth as they played Loxley A, Loxley B and Shooters Grove. We had a real mix of experience in our team: some who play football for teams out of school and some who have never played a minute of competitive football before. It was brilliant to see the experienced players coaching and supporting the less experienced players and ensuring that we all worked hard and of course had fun too.

Man of the tournament has to go to Charlie who, except for an unfortunate own goal which Mav is trying to claim for himself, scored all of our goals. 


Bradfield Dungworth 2-3 Loxley B

Bradfield Dungworth 2-1 Loxley A

Bradfield Dungworth 0-3 Shooters Grove


we will arrive at PGL at about 3:00 pm. Then we will play ambush in the evening.

 on tuesday  we are doing quad biking for an hour and a half then we will do problem solving  then giant swing and tunnel  trail and at night we're doing campfire

on Wednesday we are fencing and playing all aboard and survivor then we will be doing rifle shooting and in the evening we will play cluedo 

By Jem

Modal verbs

Active and Passive voice

Sports Leaders

Home/School learning books

 Just a reminder that children should be reading and recording it in their learning book at least five times a week. Year 6 children are trusted to fill these in themselves but we do ask that parents check and sign them at least once a week. 

A big shout out to Charlie who has recorded reading in his book every day since the start of school in September! Well done Charlie!

Science - Genus poll


Which animals can you find the scientific (latin) name of? Remember the latin name is the genus and the species

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Isabelle(less than a year ago)

Actinopterygii - Ray-finned fishes Agalychnis callidryas - Red-eyed tree frog Ailuropoda melanoleuca - Giant panda Alces americanus - American moose Amblyrhynchus cristatus - Marine iguana Amphibia - Amphibians Animalia - Animals Anser indicus - Bar-headed goose Anseriformes - Waterfowl Antilocapra americana - Pronghorn Anura - Frogs and toads Aplysia californica - California sea hare Archilochus colubris - Ruby-throated hummingbird Arthropoda - Arthropoods Artiodactyla - Even-toed ungulates Aves - Birds B Baeolophus bicolor - Tufted titmouse Balaeniceps rex - Shoebill Balaenoptera musculus - Blue whale Batoidea - Skates and rays Bison bison - American bison Branta canadensis - Canada goose Branta sandvicensis - Nene goose Bufo bufo - European common toad C Campephilus principalis - Ivory-billed woodpecker Canidae - Canids Canis lupus arctos - Arctic wolf Caracal caracal - Caracal Carcharodon carcharias - Great white shark Caretta caretta - Loggerhead turtle Carnivora - Carnivores Castor canadensis - American beaver Cepphus columba - Pigeon guillemot Ceratotherium simum - White rhinoceros Cetacea - Cetaceans Chelonia - Turtles and tortoises Chelonia mydas - Green sea turtle Chiroptera - Bats Chondrichthyes - Cartilaginous fishes Chordata - Chordates Cichlidae - Cichlids Ciconiiformes - Herons, storks, ibises and spoonbills Cnidaria - Cnidaria Conolophus subcristatus - Galapagos land iguana Crocodilia - Crocodilians Cyclura cornuta - Rhinoceros iguana D Danaus plexippus - Monarch butterfly Dasypus novemcinctus - Nine-banded armadillo Daubentonia madagascariensis - Aye-aye Delphinus delphis - Common dolphin Dendrobates auratus - Green poison dart frog Dermochelys coriacea - Leatherback sea turtle Diceros bicornis - Black rhinoceros Diomedea exulans - Wandering albatross Dugong dugong - Dugong E Echinodermata - Echinoderms Elasmobranchii - Sharks, skates and rays Elephas maximus - Asiatic elephant Equus asinus somalicus - Somali wild ass Equus burchellii - Burchell's zebra Equus caballus przewalskii - Przewalski's wild horse Eretmochelys imbricata - Hawksbill sea turtle Erithacus rubecula - European robin Eschrichtius robustus - Gray whale Eudocimus ruber - Scarlet ibis F Falconiformes - Birds of prey Felidae - Cats Fratercula arctica - Atlantic puffin Fregatidae - Frigatebirds G Gastropoda - Gastropods, slugs and snails Gavialis gangeticus - Gavial Geochelone nigra - Galapagos tortoise Giraffa camelopardalis - Giraffe Gorilla gorilla - Gorilla Gymnophiona - Caecilians H Hippopotamus amphibus - Hippopotamus Homo neanderthalensis - Neandertal Hyaenidae - Hyenas Hyperoodon ampullatus - Northern bottlenose whale I Insecta - Insects L Lagenorhynchus acutus - Atlantic white-sided dolphin Lagenorhynchus obscurus - Dusky dolphin Lagomorpha - Hares, rabbits and pikas Loxodonta africana - African elephant Lynx lynx - Eurasian lynx Lynx rufus - Bobcat M Mammalia - Mammals Marsupialia - Marsupials Meles meles - European badger Mephitidae - Skunks and stink badgers Metazoa - Animals Microlophus albemarlensis - Lava lizard Mollusca - Mollusks Morus bassanus - Northern gannet Mustela nigripes - Black-footed ferret Mustelidae - Mustelids Myrmecophaga tridactyla - Giant anteater O Orcaella brevirostris - Irrawaddy dolphin Orcinus orca - Orca P Panthera leo - Lion Panthera onca - Panther Panthera pardus - Leopard Panthera pardus orientalis - Amur leopard Panthera tigris - Tiger Panthera tigris altaica - Siberian tiger Panthera uncia - Snow leopard Pelicaniformes - Pelicans and relatives Perissodactyla - Odd-toed ungulates Phascolarctos cinereus - Koala Phoca vitulina - Common seal Phoenicopterus ruber - Greater flamingo Platalea ajaja - Roseate spoonbill Pongo pygmaeus - Bornean orangutan Porifera - Sponges Primates - Primates Proboscidea - Elephants Propithecus tattersalli - Golden-crowned sifaka Pterois volitans - Firefish or lionfish Pteropus rodricensis - Rodriguez flying fox Puma concolor - Mountain Lion Pygoscelis adeliae - Adélie penguin R Rangifer tarandus - Caribou Reptilia - Reptiles Rhincodon typus - Whale shark Rodentia - Rodents S Sarcopterygii - Lobe-finned fishes Scyphozoa - Jellyfish Sphenisciformes - Penguins Sphenodontida - Tuataras Sphyrnidae - Hammerhead sharks Squamata - Amphisbaenians, lizards and snakes Strigiformes - Owls Struthio camelus - Ostrich Suidae - Pigs Sula nebouxii - Blue-footed booby Suricata suricatta - Meerkat T Tamandua tetradactyla - Southern tamandua Tapiridae - Tapirs Tinamiformes - Tinamous Tragelaphus oryx - Eland antelope Tremarctos ornatus - Spectacled bear Trichechus - Manatees Trochilidae - Hummingbirds Tursiops truncatus - Bottlenose dolphin Tytonidae - Barn owls U Ursus americanus - American black bear Ursus arctos - Brown bear Ursus maritimus - Polar bear V Varanus komodoensis - Komodo dragon Vulpes vulpes - Red fox X Xenarthra - Xenarthrans

olivia(less than a year ago)

polabear :ursus maritimus, elephant: loxodonta, monkey: platyrrhini, springbok:antidorcas marsupialis,wildebeest:connochaetes,whale:cetacea,,ladybird:coccinellidae,fruitbat:megachiroptera,spider:araneae and koala:phascolarctos cinereus.

mae(less than a year ago)

canis lupas familiars/dog galagiae/bush baby felis catus/cat panthera pardus/pantha coccinellidae/lady bug cricetinae/hamster pathera leo/lion loxodonta/elephant otariinae/sea lion spheniscidae/penguine lutrinae/otter struthio camelus/ostrich phoenicopterus/flamingo hominoidea/ape psittacitormes/parrot

Mr Beagle(less than a year ago)

A dog is called Canis lupus familiaris


As we begin to start our literacy teaching sequence on setting description, we thought about the setting of Holes. We imagined being out on the dried out 'lake' digging in the hottest part of the day. We imagined how we would feel when we saw the water truck in the distance and how we might feel when we had finally finished our hole. 

Gymnastics October update 

We are now applying some of our balances and counter balances to apparatus! 

Congratulations to our new school councillors...

... who received the most votes from their classmates. They will be representing the school in school council meetings on our behalf. I am very proud of them and all the other applicants for taking part and accepting the responsibility that being a school councillor brings. 

Mr Beagle


Can you write about something you learnt on our school trip?

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kerys(less than a year ago)

we learnt about different types of leaves.#amazing

mae wilkinson(less than a year ago)

I learnt all about what grows in the amazon and what doesn't grow in the amazon and what are beech leaves what are holy leaves. Thank you Mr Beagle for taking us.

cameron(less than a year ago)

We went leaf finding and insect finding too. Also we saw lots of animals: fish,bats beetles and MONKEYS so it was amazing.

Charlie & Alfie(less than a year ago)

the school trip was to tropical world and there was lots of bugs and creatures. I (Charlie) learnt that the birds in the meerkat enclosure are extincted in the wild.

Questions for your extra homework challenge
Questions for your extra homework challenge


In gymnastics we are currently looking at balancing and counter balancing. Hopefully we can continue to develop our skills to incorporate a number of more complex positions and routines that involve balances and counter balances. 

Outdoor learning

To link in with our topic and to support our push towards more outdoor learning, Amethyst and Ruby class went down to the local field. We went to look at the different types of leaves we could find. We learnt about specific leaf vocabulary such as margins, midrib and petiole. We drew our leaf in detail once back in school and then compared them with leaves from the rainforest.

 We finished off our learning by considering why rainforest leaves look they way they do and the special jobs that they might need to carry out - such as letting water run off quickly and how the leaf protects itself from its surroundings.  

Sheffield Federation School Sports

SFSS – Y6 Primary Football Leagues 2017/18

The teams in our league have just come through. We are in league D with: Sacred Heart, Malin Bridge A, Malin Bridge B, Loxley A, Loxley B. All games need to be played before February the 16th. I hope to have our first game organised before the end of September.

Image result for football

Book Study

 I'm very excited to announce that our first class book of the year is Holes by Louis Sachar which is one of my personal favourites

Blurb: Stanley Yelnats isn't too surprised to find himself at Camp Green Lake, digging holes in the dried up lake bed, day after day in the scorching heat. After all his family have a history of bad luck.

Expected standard in writing exemplification

Greater depth writer exemplification

Here is a list of different question types you can ask your child when reading to further develop comprehension skills

Joe's homework

Alfie's homework


What are you most looking forward to in Year 6?

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Isabelle(less than a year ago)

I liked doing Judo, it was something that I had never done before. It is intresting, fun and the moves which are handy when you grow up, Andy is really good, and he has been very well trained and now he is a Master, also it was funny when Andy picked up Mr Beagle, I had never seen that before. It was funny and impressive.

Isabelle(less than a year ago)

I love this school very much, you get to learn things you have never herd off or never learnt about it, you have to do maths, book study, lictrocy, sience and if you are in my group you have to do idl which is very fun. And this is why this school is very Amazing.

Isabelle(less than a year ago)

I loved being a sports leader because it's very fun and you get to see other people's iders.

Isabelle(less than a year ago)

I'm looking forward to haveing a playdate with my new friends.

kerys(less than a year ago)

I am looking forward to going to PGL i think it will be great no I now it will be great

maverick kelley(less than a year ago)

i am looking forward to pgl and much more

george(less than a year ago)

i am looking forward to pgl because my sister said it was awesome and the challenges were scary so ithink thats awesome

jem(less than a year ago)

i am looking forward to pgl.

mae(less than a year ago)

the thing i am looking forward to the most is PGL with amethyst and mrs watts and mr beagle

Nina(less than a year ago)

i'm looking forward to pgl in y6

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Why is being a Year 6 so important?

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Isabelle(less than a year ago)

being a year 6 is lots of fun and you get to learn lots of interesting facts all around the world, like Prince Harrry and Meghen Markle getting married this year in may.

Isabelle(less than a year ago)

I loved doing Gymnastics because it is so much fun and you can learn all tipes of moves.

Isabelle(less than a year ago)

I loved acting the cararters it was fun and you go and dig holes like we were in the book.

Isabelle(less than a year ago)

The new councillors are very good and I bicked them both and I think they will be very good councillors.

Isabelle(less than a year ago)

I think Charlie has done very well and he has showed a good example.

George(less than a year ago)

more responsibility and you have to show a good example

George(less than a year ago)

a lot more responsibility and you have to set a good example.

We are having a huge push on all children in school knowing their Times Tables. To help at home, click on the link below to access a variety of games to help you.

Please find below suggested Reading Lists

 Year-6-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
 Year-7-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
Showing 1-3 of 3

The final set of Common exception words. Have a go at practising them!

Our 4th Spelling wiz - give it a go!

Here is the Third Spelling Wiz for you to use for practice

The second Spelling Wiz of Year 5 and 6 words. Have a go at practising at home.

Practice your spellings at home using this Spelling Wiz. These are the first 21 words from the Year 5 and 6 common exception words.