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Amethyst Class Blog

Welcome to the

Class of 2016-2017

This year our teacher is Mrs Markham.

We also have Mrs Hallam and Mrs Benson teaching in our classroom.

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We had a lovely relaxing time on Friday morning. It began with a trip to Dungworth Park and then a walk up to Our Cow Molly to be treated to our favourite flavour of ice-cream.

The extra treat was being able to play on their Adventure Playground -the very playground the Year 6s played on when they started school in Reception!

A well-deserved treat for an incredibly hard working group of children.

Be Proud!



On the week before Year 6 SATs we all had a go at producing some 'Graffiti  Maths'. In pairs they chose a subject I'm Maths they needed to revise. They all thoroughly enjoyed filling a huge sheet of paper with facts about their subject. A great way to revise!

Literacy Magic

At the moment in Literacy we are learning how to writ Balanced Arguments.

The children have to answer this question:

'Were the Vikings Vicious or Victorious?'

Our Literacy Learning Wall in the classroom is full of different activities we have done in preparation for our final piece of writing.

Watch this space to read some of the final pieces.


This afternoon we had so much fun playing Viking Games that the children had invented and made as part of our Creative Homework. 

The games are truly a super reflection of the creativity of our children.

Also, the children played together so well, listening carefully to the instructions from the creator and fully appreciating the skill that had gone into making them.

This week in Literacy we will be completing our Viking Myths based on The Saga of Biorn. We have produced some fantastic work to support us with our stories. 

In the Slideshow below you can see examples of our Storyboard, Dadwavers of Biorn's character, a well annotated WAGOLL, amazing Personal Word Bank created using 'Desqcriptisaurus'and a well thought out plan showing when each SPaG element is going to appear!

We can't wait to share some stories with you!

The Parent SATS Information Meeting was held this week, if you were unable to attend please click on the link below which will take you to a short Video clip. The video clearly explains all about the tests. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Vicious Vikings!

This week in History we have been learning about the first invasion by Vikings on the Island of Lindisfarne.

The children really got into character with these Freeze frame shots!

Look out for our Newspaper Reports telling of all the gory details!

Illuminating Science!

This half term we have been investigating How Light Travels and How We See Things.

We use torches to test how reflective different materials were.

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Last week we welcomed Miss Kappel into Amethyst Class. Miss Kappel is in her final year as a trainee teacher at Hallam University and will become a qualified teacher from September. It's lovely having a new teacher in the classroom and the children have really made her feel really welcome. I'm sure she'll enjoy her time with us. Miss Kappel has already set up a SeaSaw App where work done in class can be shared with you at home. Please register for this with the information you were sent home.

Here Come the Vikings!!

Our theme this term is 'Were the Vikings always vicious and victorious?'

This week we have started our topic with a bang. We have organised the children into groups, named after Viking Gods, and have worked together to create Viking Shields.

Next week we will investigate who were the Vikings, where they came from and why did they invade England?

Welcome back to Spring Term 2017!

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

We have had a lovely first week back in school with the children settling in really well to the new term.

We have new seating plans, table groups and topics!

Theme Week

This term our theme weeks were based on The Festivals of Light.

Amethyst Class investigated Diwali. As part of that we looked at the different food that is eaten my Hindus at this time. We had great fun making Coconut Barfi. It was delicious!

In Science we are learning about electricity and using our knowledge to answer the following questions:

How can we light up our wand?

Can we navigate our way around Hogwarts?

Can we create Potions good enough to fool Professor Snape?

Yes we can!

This week we create some 'gloop' which was made from cornflour, paint and water. It had very strange properties. When squeezed it acted like a solid, when you relaxed your hand it behaved just like a liquid.

We were very impressed with Lewis who knew it was a non-Newtonian substance!

Whatever it was we loved playing with it!!

Sensational Literacy

For the next 2 weeks in Literacy we are writing a story based on 'The Troll in the Dungeon' from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

As part of this we need to know how to write dialogue in stories. Here we are enjoying re-enacting a scene from the film, focussing on what the characters are saying. We then used this to write dialogue.

African rhythms came to Amethyst Class this week.

We spent an amazing hour learning about African Drummimg. The sound the drums made when played together was incredible, it really seemed to get right inside your heart! 

Congratulations to our new class councillors!

Here they are!

We hope you do a great job.

Last Friday we had the elections for our School Councillors.

The 4 children who stood presented some great election speeches!

Well done to all involved.

Wonderful Computing!

This half term we are working on editing photos and images to create wanted posters to capture Voldemort!

Here we are practising erasing backgrounds leaving the image we want.

Our amazing reporters for Literacy are Arthur and Joseph!



This week we have been describing Hagrid from Harry Potter. We have also been doing some hot seating where someone from a table group pretends to be Hagrid and the rest of the group have to ask questions. Here are some of the answers:

Q1 How did you feel when you saw Harry again after 11 years?

Q2 How often do you get days off, and what do you do on them?

Q3 How did you feel when you dropped Harry at the Dursleys?

A1 “I was so ‘appy to see ‘arry again after 11 years! I was heart-warmed! I hate those Dursleys.

A2 Days off, I never get days off everything I do is work, even drinking butterbear.

A3 I was devastated, just a baby ‘e was, his parents dead and he doesn’t even know! He was the most famous wizard of all time, but he was just a baby asleep in a shawl and such bad people too, it was horrible.

Check out the photos below of us Hot Seating the character of Hagrid.

Can you become your favourite Harry Potter character?

In Design Technology we had to reflect on who was our favourite character from Harry Potter.

After designing a mask of the character we used the available materials to create the mask.

Can you tell who is who?

Maths Homework

If you want to have a go at the maths homework here are the documents below.

Magical Maths!.pptDownload
Magical Money Building Skills.pdfDownload
Magical Money Challenge 1.pdfDownload
Magical Money Challenge 2.pdfDownload
Magical Money Confident 1.pdfDownload
Magical Money Confident 2.pdfDownload
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E1 D7 NEW.pptDownload
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Inspirational People

This term in RE we are thinking about Inspirational People. We had a visit from an Olympic diver who participated in Rio. He spoke about his experience at the Olympics. It was fascinating to listen to him and hear how determined he was to achieve his very best. I really important lesson for us all.

Inspire Maths!

We have started our maths learning this year full of excitement and positivity. We are using a new Maths Scheme called Inspire Maths.

This week we have started the unit on Place Value and Whole Numbers and are working with numbers up to 100s of millions.

Here are some pictures which show us using equipment to help our understanding.

Working Together

This week we have been practising some new strategies to help us work together and improve our cooperation skills.

Here we are using the structure 'Numbered Heads Together'

Farewell to Year 6!

As our Leavers' Party we visited The Harry Potter Experience at Warner Brothers Studio.

The sun shone, the Butter Beer flowed and we had an amazing day


Rio Olympics 2016

On Thursday 30th June we held a School Olympic Day.

We had a great day where we created some stunning Olympic Art.

The Great Area Battle

This week in maths we have been practising our Perimeter and Area by playing an area 'Battleships'.

Each child played against their partner. The winner being the person who covered the greatest area on the board. We used our tables skills, knowledge of factors and perimeter and area!

Amethyst Class are very competitive.

Summer 2 Homework Projects

Please let me know if there is anything that needs clarification.

Welcome back to the final term in Year 6!

We hope you all had a super holiday and enjoyed the sunshine.

We've had quite a busy first week back where we have been continuing with our Science Topic - Light and Shadows.

On Thursday we has a very interesting, informative and enjoyable trip to Crucial Crew where everyone learned essential skills to keep safe throughout their life.

The children enjoyed participating in the different scenarios which included topics such as: road and bus safety, Internet safety, alcohol awareness and fire safety.

Ask your child to tell you all that they have learned - you will be very surprised!

Check out the photos below.

The Witching Hour

To help us with our descriptive writing we all loved our 'Collaborative Writing' activity.

We used Purple Mash to create DADWAVER sentences and Super Sentences.

We could see all everyone's sentences appear as we were writing. It was easy to edit each other's work.

Our mathematicians today have become budding business owners as they design and plan their own theme park.

They have been given a budget and a full range of costings.

I wonder who will make the greatest profit?

Hurray! SATs are over!

The sun shone on our Year 6s on Thursday. Feeling incredibly proud of their efforts, determination and perseverance the children enjoyed 'being children'.

We all enjoyed watching Billionaire Boy, picnicking in the sun and then football, cricket and gymnastics al fresco!

Our new class book is Holes by Louis Sachar.

Stanley Yelnats isn't too surprised to find himself at Camp Green Lake, digging holes in the dried up lake bed, day after day in the scorching heat. After all his family have a history of bad luck.

The boys at Camp Green lake must dig one hole each day, five feet deep and five feet across. But what are they digging for? Why did Green Lake dry up? And what do onions and lizards have to do with it all? The answers lie in Stanley's own past.....

Good Luck to Amethyst Class for their SATs next week!

Check out this homework sheet to see next week's SATs timetable

Check out this week's homework

Budding Entrepreneurs

On Friday 15th April our school held their enterprise project. Children formed a 'company'; decided what they wanted to do to make money; put a bid in to the PFA for a loan; and then finally sold their goods to children, staff, parents and friends. It was an extremely successful afternoon. Well done to all.

Here are the 3 companies set up in Amethyst class.

This weeks Homework Letter

Fantastic Effort Amethyst!

Amethyst class should feel extremely proud of themselves this week. They are working so hard for the up and coming SATs.  Everyone is showing great effort and determination. Revision club was, once again, well attended. Thanks to Mrs Lowe for the delicious Ginger Cake and 'Rabbit-Dropping' biscuits. They were much appreciated and yummy!

Tremendous Taekwondo!

This half term we are continuing to improve our self defence techniques in Taekwondo.

Our skills are definitely improving from January.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Last week we were treated to a stunning performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Four talented actors played all the parts and kept us entertained throughout.

Thor comes to visit!

Our Viking visitor, Thor, arrived at school and entertained us with stories, facts, music and artefacts to help us capture what it must have been like to live in Viking times.

The children have written some sensational stories based on Beowulf. Some children attempted to retell the story in the style used in the original poem. The examples below show how alliteration has been used very effectively.

Lucas' extract

Here is an extract from Alex's Beowulf Story

Brave and Bold Beowulf!

As part of our whole school theme week on Poetry we studied a version of the Anglo Saxon Poem 'Beowulf.

We created some stunning art work. We learnt how to screen print, sketched 'monsters' and created a huge 3D head of a dragon using chicken wire and tissue paper.

Amethyst Class

Amethyst is our Year 6 class.
Mrs Markham,  Miss Hobson and Mrs Hallam work in this class.


posted 20 Jan 2016, 12:04 by Mrs Hallam


Our topic in Amethyst this term is Vikings. The Class have had to create a Top Trump Card, a fact file and a shield for their Viking God.  Here are a few pictures of the shields we created.


posted 15 Jan 2016, 16:42 by Mrs Hallam


Today in Amethyst we have been coding.  We used Blockly a visual programming language where you drag and drop blocks to write code. 


posted 18 Dec 2015, 14:43 by Mrs Hallam


Christmas Party
Amethyst had a great Christmas Party!  We played lots of fun games as you can see from the photos below!

Sheffield School Carol Project

posted 11 Dec 2015, 15:57 by Mrs Hallam


Today Amethyst Class were invited to take part in a workshop day and performance at Sheffield University.  We took part in the concert along with Fir Vale School, Firs Hill School and Hucklow School.  We had a fantastic time and feel very festive after singing all the different carols!

Medina Mosque

posted 11 Dec 2015, 15:07 by Mrs Hallam


Amethyst Class are studying Islam as their topic this term. On Tuesday 8th December 2015 we visited the Medina Mosque on Wolseley Road, Sheffield.


posted 4 Dec 2015, 17:07 by Mrs Hallam


Here are some more fantastic photos of our time at PGL!!

Hippo Burpday to you!

posted 4 Nov 2015, 18:00 by Mrs Markham


Today we had a very special celebration!


Will we survive 'Survivor'?

posted 3 Nov 2015, 18:19 by Mrs Markham


Before tea we had to camouflage ourselves, build a shelter and use our survival skills to escape the dangers of the jungle! Thankfully we all made it back for tea!


Swinging high with the monkeys!

posted 3 Nov 2015, 18:12 by Mrs Markham


After lunch our next activity involved swinging high at 40 feet above the ground! The views were amazing but we were a bit pre-occupied! 


Next came Quad biking.

posted 3 Nov 2015, 18:07 by Mrs Markham


To enable us to be the best quad bikers in history we had to 'don' the latest fashion!
We all looked groovy,

Look below for a copy of Summer 2017 Homework

This half term our homework is Science based. If you need to download a copy please click on the image.

We are having a huge push on all children in school knowing their Times Tables. To help at home, click on the link below to access a variety of games to help you.

Forgotten what to do for your Homework? Take a look here...

Take a look at our Theme overview for this term

Click on the picture below to have a go at some science activities about Seeing Things

Have fun with your science skills by clicking on the picture below to take you to a website to help with your Electricity!

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Please find below suggested Reading Lists

Year-6-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
Year-7-ACPS-Recommended-Reading-List-2011 (1).pdfDownload
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This our Theme Overview for this year.

Here is a copy of our timetable for this half term.

Please note that there may be changes during the week.

Have a look at the document below to see our full curriculum overview for this year.

Here is a copy of the script 'Aladdin Trouble'

This week in Science we are learning about Light and Shadow. Have a play on this website to support your learning.

The final set of Common exception words. Have a go at practising them!

Our 4th Spelling wiz - give it a go!

Here is the Third Spelling Wiz for you to use for practice

The second Spelling Wiz of Year 5 and 6 words. Have a go at practising at home.

Practice your spellings at home using this Spelling Wiz. These are the first 21 words from the Year 5 and 6 common exception words.